How Do I Know If My Roof Has a Leak?

Roofing ProblemsIt can be a very scary thing to find a leak in your roof. When there are water stains on the ceiling, it’s a clear indication that there is a problem in your roof that needs immediate attention. However, identifying the leak can be quite tricky. It’s better to call in the professional roof contractors before the leak seeps into the ceiling and spreads, giving rise to damp and mold.

Identifying the leak:

Identifying the problem area is the most difficult task when dealing with a leaky roof. When you live in a storm and hurricane prone area like Florida, you need to be especially vigilant about leaky roofs. Your roof has to be really strong to withstand high winds, storms, hurricanes and lashing rains. As a home owner, you have to check your roofs and shingles and clean the gutters before the rains arrive.

If the shingles are missing or damaged, identifying the cause of the problem and the leak is a breeze. When a visual inspection does not reveal the source of the problem, identifying it becomes much harder. This is because water might enter the roof through the damaged area, and run down to exit at some other point which is weaker. You cannot identify the location of the problem in your roof, based on the water stains on your ceiling. It is better to contact a Jacksonville roofing contractor.

If you have a sloping roof and an attic, you can wait in the attic when it’s raining armed with a light. When you shine the light, the water can be easily spotted. Alternately, you can ask another person to knock on the ceiling where the stains are, when you are on the roof. This method might also help in identifying the leak. But for the best reliable roof repair Jacksonville Florida has to offer, you have to call in the experts.

Fixing the Leak:

If you able to identify and pinpoint the damaged area, you can fix it by placing new shingles in place of damaged ones or by cementing it with roofing cement. However if the problem is bigger than a few shingles or a little leak, you may have to bring in the best crew for roof replacement Jacksonville Florida has to offer. This means that your roof will be as good as new, whether you carry out repairs or replacement. You need to get repairs done on your leaky roof as soon as possible, because it will lead to bigger problems like mold, mildew, damp, rotting of wooden panels, etc.

The latest innovation in roofing is the Metal roofing. Metal shingles are available that closely resemble the wooden shingles or asphalt shingles and metal shingles last much longer than the other two. Choose metal roofing or even metal coating over the existing material. You would be surprised at what a difference this simple metal coating can make to the strength and aesthetic value of your roof. Shop around for the best rates when selecting metal roof coating in Jacksonville, FL. This way, you will get the strength and protection of the metal top coating while also saving by not going for a roof replacement.

Jacksonville Roof Contractors:

A.J. Wells Roofing Contractors is a well established and reputed roof repairs and replacement company that offers quality services in and around the Jacksonville area of Florida. Arthur Wells is himself a Certified CertainTeed Roofing Master Shingler, and the rest of the team is also certified. You can relax, safe in the knowledge that you hire quality and dependability when you hire A.J. Wells Roofing Contractors for a job, whether it is roof repairs, maintenance or replacement.


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