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How Often Should I Clean My Gutters?

guttersCleaning your gutters is vital to making certain that your roof lasts as long as possible. If you don’t clean your gutters, water will inevitably back up and, in the humid Florida climate that means that you’re likely to have problems with mold and mildew.


Cleaning your own gutters whenever they appear clogged is highly advisable. There are times, however, where you will want to have a professional come in and thoroughly clean out your gutters to make certain that you have proper drainage. Most roofing contractors recommend that you do this at least twice a year. In the event that there are bad storms or other situations that cause a great deal of debris to accumulate in your gutters, you will want to have your gutters cleaned more frequently.

A professional gutter cleaning service will go through and clean out every part of your gutter system. This means removing debris from the gutters and making certain that the downspouts are cleaned out. If the downspouts aren’t cleaned up properly, they’ll cause water to back up into the gutters, resulting in the same types of problems that you would have if you didn’t clean your gutters at all. Cleaning up the downspouts can be a bit complicated, so this is a service that you will want to have professionals handle for you.

Part of Maintenance

If you’re having any type of maintenance work done on your roof, it’s a good idea to have the gutters cleaned out at the same time. A professional company that provides roof repair services will likely be happy to add this service to the job, which ensures they won’t have to come back as soon to repair any issues that you may have from dirty gutters.

A.J. Wells Roofing Contractors specializes in roof repairs, roof maintenance and the installation of new roofs. Located in Jacksonville, Florida, we provide service to the entire state. If you’re interested in having your gutters cleaned out to preserve the longevity of your roof, we can make certain that they are draining properly and that your roof is not taking any damage from standing water and other hazards.

Remember that having proper maintenance done is much more affordable than having an entirely new roof installed. Modern roofing materials are highly durable and resistant to water, but dirty gutters can cause a range of issues and, if those gutters are not cleaned out, you may well be causing your roof a lot of damage.


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