How to Choose Between Standing Seam and Metal Shingle Roofing

metal roofing installation Jacksonville, FLLearning about your options is extremely important if you’re trying to prepare for the installation of your new roof. There are a lot of different roofing types to choose from, and within each category of roofing there are even more options. It’s not a small undertaking or an everyday project and the resulting roof will be there for many years to come, so you should make sure to take your time deciding which roofing option is the best for your new roof.

With the benefits of an extremely long life expectancy and increased energy savings, metal roofing is becoming a more and more popular choice for homeowners. However, when choosing between shingled and standing seam metal roofing, Jacksonville, FL homeowners may have some questions about what differences there are between the two.

The Standing Seam Metal Roofing Jacksonville, FL Homeowners Love

First, let’s consider the most readily available type of metal roofing: the standing seam metal roofing Jacksonville, FL homeowners are most likely to see. Standing seam metal roofing comes in continuous lengths of special interlocking panels, which are held together and to the roof with hidden fasteners. Many people love the appearance of standing seam metal roofs and consider them to have a modern appeal that goes wonderfully with contemporary homes. When it comes to standing seam metal roofing in Jacksonville, FL, weather isn’t a problem because a good standing seam roof is specially built to allow for metal to expand during temperature changes. In fact, standing seam metal roofs have proved to be very advantageous in our hot and often stormy weather, as they’re extremely weather resistant and can even help drive down summer energy consumption.

Metal Shingle Roofing for Jacksonville, FL Homes

High quality metal shingle roofing shares some of the same qualities as standing seam metal roofing Jacksonville, FL homes benefit so much from. With interlocking panels that allow for hidden fasteners to be used for installation, metal shingles have proven to be very durable through our occasionally moody Florida weather, resisting high wind speeds and heavy rains with ease. Metal shingle roofing is a bit more residential in its appearance, which can be a huge benefit for those who consider standing seam to be too commercial or even agricultural in appearance. What works for one homeowner and neighborhood may not work for another, which is why metal shingle roofing comes in a variety of styles. If you prefer a traditional shingled look, there are metal shingles made to look like asphalt shingles and ones made to look like wood shingles. Metal shingles are a fantastic option if you love the look of a beautiful wood shake roof, but you don’t want the maintenance that comes with it, because they allow you to get the appearance you want along with the amazing durability of metal roofing. If neither of those are the style you want for your home, metal shingles are also available other styles, similar to those of slate roofing and tile. Another advantage of metal shingle roofing is the range of colors, which allows you to further customize the look of your home past that of ordinary metal roofing.

Benefits of Both Shingled and Standing Seam Metal Roofing for Jacksonville, FL Homeowners

It’s important that your new metal roofing is produced with high quality materials and finishes, and then installed by experienced roofing experts. Done properly, installing new metal roofing is one of the best things you can do to improve your home.

When they’re protected in new shingled or standing seam metal roofing, Jacksonville, FL homes enjoy a number of benefits.

  • The interlocking panels of both shingled and standing seam metal roofing allow for hidden fasteners to be used for installation, both of which will make your new metal roof extremely wind and weather resistant.
  • Metal roofing tends to last around twice as long as other types of roofing, which begin to break down as soon as they’re exposed to the elements. Installing metal roofing for your home means you won’t need to worry about how long it will be until it needs to be replaced again. With a little maintenance here and there, metal roofing boasts an extremely long lifespan.
  • You home is more fire-resistant with a metal roof due to the metal’s inflammability.
  • Metal roofing of either type also protects your home from mold and fungus growth better than other types of roofing.
  • If you’re interested in improving your home’s energy efficiency, metal roofing is an excellent choice because it reflects the heat away from your home rather than attracting and/or absorbing it, making much less work for your air conditioning.

If you’d like to learn more about the growing popularity behind the beautiful shingle or standing seam metal roofing for your Jacksonville, FL home, please contact us for more information.


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