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How to Prepare For a Home Roof Replacement

You’ve finally bit the bullet and have decided to replace your old unsightly roof. Keep in mind that your roofer will do most of the work, but you can speed things along a bit and take steps to keep your family and pets safe by preparing your home for roof replacement.

Prepare for Construction Conditions

When the roof replacement work is in full gusto, your kids and pets will likely be curious, so it makes sense to protect them now from the work zone that will soon surround your home. Kids are naturally drawn to construction work and we all know that “curiosity killed the cat,” literally. From shingles and nail guns to hammers and other objects that may fall from the roof, it is important to designate a zone where the family and pets can’t go. If you can’t keep pets away, it may make sense to board them with a friend or kennel until the construction ends.

Rearrange Parking

Of course you’re the king of the castle, but yielding your parking spot to your roofer will save not just money but time. Let your roofing contractor park where it is most convenient for him and his crew to reach tools and other materials. Park your car in another handy spot such as the curb where you won’t be blocked in by your roofer.

Take Down Wall Décor

You should prepare the loud noises and vibrating, wall-shaking work that will soon begin. Take down any wall art that you can’t bear to part with because there is a good chance that the commotion above may at some point knock a few things off the wall. The same holds for what-nots on your shelves and dishes on display in your china cabinet. This is doubly important for the story of the home that is just below the work being done.

Move Outdoor Furniture

Now is the time to safeguard anything like patio furniture and plants on the porch. Everything should be removed and stored away for safety since tools, shingles and nails may slide off and damage items below. No indoor storage available? Use a tarp and create a neat pile in the driveway or on the lawn until the work is finished.

Talk To Your Neighbors

Roofing is loud and noisy. It’s a good idea to talk to your neighbors and help them get prepared for the noise that’s coming. You can’t make it stop, but at least you are forthcoming about it, which is a nice gesture that shows you appreciate their cooperation.

Remember, this too shall pass. Although you must put up with some ugliness and inconvenience now, the rewards of your beautiful new roof will make it seem worthwhile in the end.

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