Hurricane Matthew Leaves Heavy Damage in Northeast Florida

Image by VentuskyOn October 7th Hurricane Matthew caused severe damage to Northeast Florida businesses and homes after devastating parts of the Caribbean. While some were fortunate enough to be left with power and homes in tact, many others were not.

Matthew’s extraordinarily high winds caused damage to homes both directly—tearing away shingles and separating parts of roofs—and indirectly—felling trees and blowing large debris everywhere. It is imperative that you contact A.J. Wells for an inspection at or (904) 553-0069 if you suspect damage, and be sure you do so before contacting an insurance adjuster.

Hurricane Matthew decimated roofs with high winds and heavy rains.The biggest threat posed by Hurricane Matthew was wind damage. The heavy gusts of wind from Matthew, a Category 4 hurricane, may have creased shingles or torn them away. The winds also could have completely separated fascia, eaves, or gutters, straining your roof further.

  • Strong winds like the maximum 85+ mph sustained winds Matthew brought can whip debris about, damaging your roof. Blown debris can strike your roof and take shingles with it, or, depending on size, can leave a hole in your roof.
  • Many Jacksonvillians reported fallen trees, a common threat during hurricane force gales. If a tree has fallen on your roof and damaged or punctured it, contact A.J. Wells Roofing Contractors immediately so we can secure your roof with tarps. Tarping your roof will ensure that no further damage is done to that part of your roof or interior.

Fallen trees were a big problem for homeowners during Hurricane Matthew's rampage.A.J. Wells Roofing is thrilled that you and your family are safe and hope that your home sustained minimal to no damage, but we also acknowledge that not everyone was so fortunate. If your home was affected by Matthew and you are still in the process of rebuilding, call us at (904) 553-0069 or contact us online. We can secure your roof ASAP, and guide you through next steps in the process of restoring your home’s first line of protection, your roof.

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