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Importance of Fall Roofing Inspection

As the autumn months arrive, it is time to schedule an appointment for a fall inspection for your home’s roof. By performing regular routine maintenance on your roof you can maximize its lifespan, extending its usability for years. Alternatively, any unmaintained roof can quickly cause interior damage that could lead to extensive and unnecessary expenses and frustration.


Part of your fall inspection will include a check of the gutters and downspouts, the flashing, shingles, attic vents, the interior of the attic space, and the interior of your home. No matter if your roof is made from shingles, tiles, cement tiles, metal or other materials, routine maintenance inspections are imperative to ensure its operating properly year-round.

A capable inspector will perform a visual gutter check to ensure each gutter and downspouts are functioning properly. All parts of the gutter system on your home should be free of any debris, branches, and leaves, to ensure an easy flow of rainwater through the downspouts, and away from the foundation. Heavy winds and aging homes can often make proper functioning gutters twist, warp or detach from the roofline. Repairing the damage gutter quickly can limit any chance of any serious damage occurring to your home. Also, gutters that are not functioning properly can easily cause significant damage to your home’s foundation.

A competent inspector will evaluate the condition of the roof, and replace any missing, damaged or worn materials. He or she will secure or replace missing, damaged or nonfunctioning flashing around your chimneys and ventilation systems. Additionally, the inspector will check for any minor or major pest damage, caused by termites, bees or other insects/bird/rodents. Identifying pest damage early will minimize the cost of necessary repairs.

Part of the inspection will include an overall check of the interior of your attic and home. The inspector will be searching moisture around insulation, the roof deck and rafters. A complete check will involve a search of any rotted plywood, and a check to ensure the attic area has been properly insulated. An inspection of your home’s interior will involve checking walls, ceilings, closets and other areas for deterioration, cracking or stains caused by water.

Keeping your home’s roof well-maintained will eliminate the possibility of any leaks or damage caused by rot, pests or weather. Hiring a professional that has the ability to properly evaluate any potential problem including weak areas, insect damage, or clogged gutters will reduce the chance of extensive damage to your home’s interior.


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