Is It Important to Hire an Insured Roofing Company?


When it’s time to replace your roof, or conduct even basic repairs on the existing one, you’ll need to put some serious consideration into who you hire as a contractor.  Roof repair and replacement is one of the biggest home repair projects that every homeowner has to deal with, eventually.


Your roof is the major barrier between your family and the outside elements, including wind, rain, dust and even the occasional snow.  When it comes to roof repairs, nothing is more annoying than putting up with a leaky roof.  You’ll definitely want to hire a trustworthy contractor that gets the job done right the first time so that you and your family will be snug as a bug during inclement weather.


Avoid Unqualified Contractors


If you live in Jacksonville, you’ve probably noticed there are a plethora of roof repair services making all kinds of claims and offers.  Be careful not to get sucked in by a provider who is not qualified, reliable or trustworthy.  Seek advice from friends and family members who have had similar repairs done, on similar types of roofing as your own.  Check out the various contractors’ websites to get information on their services and pricing.  Reading customer reviews is a helpful way of finding the right provider.


Once you have the names of at least a handful of roofing companys, contact them in person to find out how experienced they are with your type of roof repair needs.  How long have they been working in this field?  Much of the skills required for expert roof repairs can only be attained through experience.


Check Contractor Licensing and Proof of Insurance


Ensure that that your roofing repairs contractor has all of the necessary licenses to make the required repairs, and check on the validity of the licenses with the specific licensing authority if you have any doubts.  A number of fly-by-night companies have been known to forge licenses in order to dupe customers into paying for repairs that they never receive.


A valid contractor will have insurance certificates as proof of insurance, which is vital should one of their workers get injured on your property, or should they inadvertently damage your property while working on it.  Check for general liability and workers compensation policies.


If a worker should get injured while working on your property, you could face significant liability if the contractor is not adequately insured.  And if the contractor or one of his employees accidentally sets your house on fire or does some other sort of drastic damage, you’ll want to ensure that you’re both covered in that event as well.


Ask to Talk to Previous Customers


Don’t be afraid to ask for references from recent and past clients, and follow up on those contacts carefully.  Some contractors can be notoriously unreliable, and cause major headaches for the homeowners when they don’t follow through with their projects.  These contractors won’t have any real references to provide.


Check your contractor’s certifications, to ensure that he or she is certified for the type of installation that you need and want.  Certain types of roofing may require a contractor to undergo specific training in order to be qualified in that type of installation.  Make sure that your contractor is approved by your roofing manufacturer.


Before actually hiring a roofing contractor, ensure that you are clear on all the terms of the contract and the warranty, and have it on paper.  Avoid like the plague any contractor who refuses to guarantee their work.


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