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Why AJ Wells Should Roof Your Dome

We feel, hands down, we are the best roofers available in Jacksonville for your dome’s roof. Every single dome is a unique structure with its own style and characteristics. The roof plays such a prominent role in the overall look of the structure. Creative use of shingle color can have a beautiful look and help make your dome a scenic landmark for your neighbors and occasional passersby. To do a good job on a dome, it is crucial to have qualified, experienced professionals that have done it before.

As a dome owner, you are already aware of the unique concerns that go along with owning a geodesic dome. The many ridges and pitches create numerous concerns about code compliance, manufacturer specifications, and of course leaks. Frequently, windows are put right into the roof, or there are breaks in one of the many ridges creating serious potential for leaks for anyone that does not know the specific techniques needed to do the job right. Asphalt roofs are already widely accepted as the best roofs for a dome.

As a Certified Certain Teed Roofing Master Shingler, you can rely on us to bring all of our knowledge about roofing, and our experience with domes, to every dome roof we do. 

Asphalt roofing shingles and ridge cap are the sturdiest, and most dependable, and also provide the biggest list of color options. You can get great texture options in 3-tab or laminates like architectural or presidential. 

Another good reason to give us the job is because we love to do dome roofs. When were done, it’ll be a job that we’re very proud of. And you’ll be proud to own.