Roof Tarping Because of Leaks in Jacksonville FL

Jacksonville Roof TarpingA roof tarp functions as a temporary covering against leaks before or during a Jacksonville, Florida, home. Roof tarps are generally used prior to a hurricane to protect against severe roof and home damage. However, they are beneficial in any type of severe weather that Mother Nature may bring, including tropical storms and tornadoes.

Protect your investments and yourself

Tarping a roof because of leaks is a very dangerous job. If the storm has already hit, you may be unaware of gaping holes and damaged spots in your roof as you’re on it. Also, if it’s prior to the storm and there’s a slight drizzle outside, you can easily slip and fall off the roof. Tarping your roof on your own without the professional help of roofing technicians could lead to serious consequences. Roof tarping because of leaks is more affordable than you think. Factor in potential hospital bills should something go wrong and it’s an investment worth pursuing. Contact us today to schedule long-term or short-term roof tarping.

Short-term Roof Tarping

Short-term tarping is ideal prior to a storm or aggressive weather. Contact AJ Wells a day or two prior to a scheduled storm and we’ll provide immediate roof tarping service to protect your home. After the conditions have passed, we’ll be happy to come back out to tear down the tarp and inspect your roof for any damage caused by the weather.

Long-term Roof Tarping

Has your roof been so damaged that they will take weeks to complete? Then long-term tarping is ideal. If you schedule a tarping because of leaks, then your entire roof needs to be protected during this fragile time. A couple small leaks can lead to a gaping hole should you not take the necessary precautions for your Jacksonville, Florida, home. Contact us today to learn more about the importance and benefits of tarping your roof because of leaks.