Lingering Hurricane Damage? Call an Insurance Restoration Specialist First

Do you have lingering roof damage from Hurricane Irma, or even Hurricane Matthew? Have you filed your claim, had your insurance adjuster come out to your property to assess the damage, and received your report? While the next step of finding a contractor may seem simple, there can be a lot of confusion in the process.

As a homeowner, you are now stuck with a confusing report that may be shorting you by leaving out line items required to properly put your property back to its pre-loss condition. Our goal is to prevent insurance companies from taking advantage of homeowners while providing you with friendly, efficient, and quality roofing services.

AJ Wells Roofing and Construction’s Respected Position

Most homeowners immediately call their insurance carrier to file a claim to see how much their settlement will be worth. Often times, homeowners are taken advantage of for not knowing exactly what the roof replacement process entails or values associated with making these roofing repairs. This makes homeowners subject to denied claims or insufficient coverage for the damage sustained to the roof. This is when you call an Insurance Restoration Specialist like AJ Wells.


Where Does an Insurance Restoration Specialist Come In?

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When you hire AJ Wells, you’re putting the dirty work in the hands of experienced professionals. We know how to thoroughly inspect a roof and determine the severity of the damage it has endured. AJ Wells Roofing and Construction does not deal directly with insurance companies or file claims on behalf of the client. Instead, we have a network of professionals that we work closely with and fully trust to handle our client’s claims. Once you have received a proper settlement, AJ Wells is then able to handle the reconstruction.



Our Scopes of Work and Reliable Network

At AJ Wells, we help you with anything from replacing your roof to technical matters relating to your adjuster’s report. If your settlement is too low to cover the damages, if your claim has been denied, or if your attempts to communicate with the insurance company have been ignored, we can refer our lawyers at a local law firm to your case. They have handled thousands of claims and work diligently to ensure you get the proper coverage needed to replace your roof.


Another team of experts that we work very closely with are licensed public adjusters. Public adjusters are the only licensed professionals, other than attorneys, who can legally represent the rights of policyholders during the insurance claim process. They know the insurance business inside and out and can quickly resolve conflicts with your claim.


Our network of professionals paired with AJ Wells’ quality contracting services are the perfect match for handling all components involved in replacing a roof. With so much hurricane damage still left to resolve, it is vital to bring in trusted professionals to make sure your roof is in tip-top shape. As a homeowner, you can rest easy knowing you will get a proper settlement with the help of our reliable network and team and our team of knowledgeable Insurance Restoration Specialists here at AJ Wells Roofing and Construction. Contact us today at (904) 553 -0069 or at to work with the #1 Insurance Restoration Specialist in town.

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