Metal Coating: What’s That?

metal roofing installation Jacksonville FloridaThe metal roofs Jacksonville FL residents appreciate, for all of the best reasons; have a long and distinguished career. The first metal roofs arrived on the scene in the late 1800’s and have experienced a renewal in popularity in the last 50 years. A.J. Wells Roofing Contractors, in business for the past 40 years, has a very good presence in the Jacksonville area of the Sunshine State and knows metal roofing and metal coating better than most.

Metal shingles or larger panels are fabricated out of various stable pieces of steel or, occasionally, tin. They are coated with preparations of aluminum or zinc. The steel gives it the stability and rigidity that is necessary to withstand winds of up to 120 MPH and the coating helps prevent the corrosion or rust from inhibiting the useful life of the material.

What Happens When The Metal Roofs Starts To Break Down?

Some of the reasons that a breakdown of the material can happen and the reason for the use of a metal coating can include:

  • The loosening of one or more of the screws used to fasten the roof to the structure. This can allow the rain water to enter under the shingles and get at the relatively unprotected bottom of the sheets.
  • One of the screws may have gotten scratched, thus allowing the rust that develops on it to spread.
  • A scratch on a previously coated surface by the rubbing of a tree branch or something blown onto it by one of the storms that can occur during the hurricane season. This can allow the water and other substances to get under the coating and cause the corrosion and or rust to develop.
  • An improperly installed metal roof by a company who does not have the training or experience that needs to applied to this important project.

When any of the above occurs, it is necessary to call a reputable company to make repairs. The first thing that will need to happen is an inspection of the entire roofing system. This must be accomplished by the company who does this every day and knows what they are looking at.

An economical repair for many of the issues of metal roofs, just short of replacing them, is to have it re-coated. Since the issues, sited above, may not involve the damaging of the shingles, renewing them to their previous condition will be the order of the day. The popularity of the metal roofs Jacksonville FL residents and businesses like will make this an easy decision when using a competent contractor.

The affected shingles or sheets will need to be removed and cleaned. Any of the loose screws and those that are damaged or scratched will have to be replaced. The corroded pieces can be cleaned; however, it might be beneficial if they are replaced. The new coating will be applied and allowed to cure.

But, What Actually Is A Metal Coating?

A metal coating replenishes the protective coating that the piece was manufactured with. It is formulated out of the same chemicals, or is similar to them, that protected the roofing material to begin with. It is similar to repainting a wooden fence; however, you are not going to have rain water causing molds or mildews in your home if your fence paint gets rubbed off.

The metal coatings that are used for the metal roofs Jacksonville FL home owners admire comes in a few different types. Asphalt, elastomeric coatings in the form of polymer, latex and polyurethane are the main selections.

Several very important concepts must be understood in order to select the best system for coating these metal pieces. The need for something that can allow for the expansion and contraction of the metal pieces without cracking and flaking off is important. Without this ability, the roof would start to lose its integrity and you would be back in the same condition you were in.

The coating selected will have to accommodate this tendency especially where the temperature gets very hot. Many companies recommend latex as an all-around good choice and others depend on the asphalt coatings. The metal roofs Jacksonville FL residents like to have on their homes can accept either one.


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