Metal Roofing vs. Modified Roofing

Jacksonville roofingYour roof is essential to the proper functioning of your home. A roof is also essential to property values. With all that your roof will provide you with, who wouldn’t want to ensure that it is the absolute best fit for their home? Consider and weigh your options for roofing services in Jacksonville, FL and put your faith into a roofing contractor with the experience, skills, and credentials to get the job done right!


Modified bitumen roofing, much like its built up roof counterpart, is an asphalt based roofing option. It is typically designed for flat or low sloping roofs. A modified roof can be applied in three different ways. One way it can be applied is by using heat. This can be done by the use of either torches or hot mopping with asphalt. The cold process involves the adhering one to two plies of modified bitumen membranes to an applied base sheet.

A Self-adhesive modified roof does away with the need for the usage of flame and does not put out any volatile organic chemicals during the installation process. As the roll is turned out, the paper backing is removed. This allows the modified roofing to adhere itself to the roof.

Modified roofing bears multiple beneficial attributes. Appearance wise, modified roofing typically comes in three surfacing options: mineral, gravel, and cool roof coating. Mineral surfacing is generally white in color, yet is available in a multitude of various colors to match the appearance of the home. A cool roof coating carries the added benefit of lower home cooling costs.

Modified bitumen roofing is also flexible in terms that it expands and contracts to counteract splitting that could have occurred in cold temperatures. As for hot weather, modified roofing is flow resistant and will not slump under the heat of the sun. Key advantages of modified bitumen roofing include:

  • Ease of Repair
  • Resistance to Splitting
  • Flame Resistance
  • Durability
  • Flexibility
  • Appearance Options


Metal roofing is quickly gaining popularity with homeowners everywhere. The average roof has a life span of about 15 years. A metal roof, on the other hand, lasts up to 50 metal roof installation Jacksonvilleyears. Although made of metal, a modern metal roof will usually not rust. This is due to the fact that a metallic coating is applied to the roof to prevent such deterioration. Metal roofing is well known for its incomparable durability.

One myth that revolves around a metal roof is that it is more likely to be struck by lightning. This is not actually true. In fact, it may be a safer alternative in the event that your home ever happened to be struck. Metal is not flammable, therefore it cannot catch fire from a lightning strike. Also, being made of metal provides the added benefit of your roof being capable of dispersing the electricity safely and evenly through the structure.

Jacksonville, Florida is no stranger to adverse weather conditions, including hurricanes. Roofs are generally one of the main portions of a home to take a hefty amount of damage. However, metal has been put through wind speed testing and has been proven capable of withstanding wind speeds of up to 150 miles per hour.

Metal also has some financial benefits. Although the initial costs may be higher than most other roofing options, it certainly pays off in the long run. Metal roofs have metallic coating that deflects UV rays, meaning lower heating and cooling costs for your home. Aside from the direct cost effectiveness, metal roofing not only carries the potential to boost your home’s value, but may also lower your homeowner’s insurance.

There are numerous appearance options for metal roofs. A variety of styles are available that resemble the look of more traditional roofing options, such as shake, tile, shingle, and vertical panel. Metal roofs also come in a multitude of different colors that will provide you with the exact appearance that you desire.

The key advantages encompassed in metal roofing include:

  • Increased Home Value
  • Superior Lifespan
  • Incomparable Durability
  • Potential Lower Home Insurance Costs
  • Weather Resistance
  • Cuts Home Heating and Cooling Costs
  • Great Variety of Appearance Options

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