Missing Granules From Roof Caused by Hail Damage

One of the first things an adjuster will look for after you file a hail damage is missing granules. Roofing granules are colored, mineral granules used on asphalt roofing and siding products. They are considered tough, dense, ceramic-coated rock that is weather resistant and available in a variety of colors.

Missing granules from the roof caused by hail damage is one of the easiest things to spot after a storm. When hail strikes a shingle, it will either knock the granules look or push them into the shingle. The granules give the roof its deep color so when something happens to the exterior of the granules, you will see it right after the incident. When granules move or deteriorate, it exposes the black substrate layer below, which will then show up as a dark circle or scuff. Once an adjuster takes notice of this discoloration, he or she will then check for bruising. Much like a bruise on a vegetable or fruit, the bruising on the roof will feel spongy or soft. This is cause for a replacement as well dependent upon the severity of the situation.

What to do if you notice missing granules

Missing granules from roof that are caused by hail damage may be grounds for a roof replacement. If you suspect your roof is missing granules, it’s important to contact your adjuster and a professional roofing company right away.

Hail damage and missing granules can decrease the life expectancy of your roof. It’s important to note any potential problem arises right after a hail storm to diminish the cost of a complete roof replacement. Our professional team can reduce minor injuries to your roof before they become cause for a complete roofing overhaul.

Contact AJ Wells today to learn more about the effects of missing granules from roof that is caused by hail damage. We’ll be happy to schedule an on-site estimate to help you better understand the potential costs and how much damage has occurred after the storm has settled.