The roofing technicians at AJ Wells provide immediate roof for missing shingle tabs. Even just a few missing or blown shingles can create a leak when you don’t fix them immediately. As roofing experts, we understand the importance of getting the work done quickly so we dispatch a technician to your Jacksonville, Florida, home as quickly as we can.

Missing shingles can cause serious leaks from the exterior of the roof to the interior of your home. Generally, missing shingles are the result of weather-related events, including wind storms, thunderstorms, and hail storms. High winds can cause what is called “uplift” when high winds with little moisture blow across a roof so strongly that the shingle tabs then lift upwards. Most homeowners feel as though if they can’t see any damage or leaking, then there’s no problem. However, the problems can occur overtime and cause significant leaks that can damage your entire Jacksonville, Florida, property.

One of our professional roofing technicians can normally perform the entire shingle on the spot without having to find any additional tools or colors. Should the color not be available in stock, we do what we can to seal the shingle tab until we can track down the right match for your roof.

Even in Jacksonville, Florida, heavy wind, rain, and hail storms do occur. It’s important to keep your roof protected before small damage becomes big problem areas. After a torrential storm, it is not a matter of “if” your roof leak, but “when.” Contact us first for a complete roof inspection that can save you thousands!