Most Commonly Asked Roofing Questions

Your roof is arguably one of the most expensive components of your home, but it is likely one that you never give a second thought—until a problem crops up. Protecting your home from damage and keeping your roof in tip-top shape is easiest when you know a few standard things about it. To help you in that quest (or if you’re considering roofing work) here are some of the FAQS that roofing companies field every day from homeowners just like you.

Question: Does a leak indicate the need for a total roof replacement?

Although it may strike fear in your heart when you notice a leak in your roofing system, all may not be lost. Perhaps you’re envisioning a total roof failure or collapse; this is, fortunately, not usually the case. Although it depends on the location of the leak and its size, most leaks are usually repairable and not indicative of a larger problem. For example, flashings can be damaged or loose. Nonetheless, don’t delay in contacting your roofing professional when you first notice a leak. Prompt attention can stave off serious repairs later.

Question: How can I tell if my roof has an issue?

Unfortunately, problems with a roof are sometimes hard to spot, so by the time they make themselves known, damage has already occurred. The answer is a bi-annual inspection by your roofer can reveal problems that you can’t see without being up-close and personal to the roof, including deteriorated flashings, missing or warped shingles, and cracked surfaces. Inside, your roofing inspector will look for telltale signs of leaks, such as circles on the ceiling, wetness in the attic, light penetrating the attic, and discolored plasterwork.

Question: What causes shingle discoloration?

Mold, fungus, and algae are typical causes of discoloration of shingles, especially in humid climates. This is due to their presence in the air—spores land on the roof, and if there’s dampness or humidity in their favor, they will bloom and grow. A professional roofer can clean the roof with a specialty product that restores your roof to its former glory.

Question: How long will my roof last?

A new roof should last for 20 years or longer. However, some types of roofs last even longer, including clay tile, slate, and copper or other metal roof systems. The actual life of your roof is determined by many factors that can make your roof last longer (or not last as long). Environmental conditions, the local climate, quality of materials used, and roof maintenance all play a role in the actual service life of your roofing system.

Question: Should I repair my own roof?

Probably not. While it’s okay for you to perform cursory inspections to look for visible roof damage (such as after a storm) or clean out the gutters, actual repair work on your roof should only be undertaken by a professional who has the equipment and know-how to do the job right.

Question: How long does a total replacement roof take to complete?

How long it takes to install a new roof depends largely on the size of the roof, the type of roof being installed, and the roofing company selected for the work. Some roofing companies can install an asphalt shingled roof in one working day. Large homes or commercial buildings may take longer.

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