Performing Fall Gutter Maintenance Will Help Protect Your Home

The best way to extend the life of your home is to perform fall gutter maintenance every year. Whether your home has traditional or seamless metal gutters, regular maintenance is required to minimize any damage to the foundation or leaks to the interior of your home. Proper maintenance on an annual basis will extend the lifetime of your gutter system while protecting your home’s foundation.bigstock-Fall-Cleanup-Leaves-In-Gutte-2561077

Anytime a gutter or downspouts becomes clogged, the water collected from your rooftop has nowhere to go other than spill over the gutter system and accumulate in pools of water around the foundation. In time, the heavy, wet soil begins to do damage to the foundation walls of the house. The more water that accumulates, the better chance there is that it will cause hydrostatic pressure and begin forcing its way through the walls. Once the walls become cracked or bulging, it can easily destroy the interior of your home.

To be effective, fall gutter maintenance should be done properly. The following necessary steps are required to ensure you have removed all the debris that is caught or trapped in the gutter system.

The simple steps gutter cleaning steps include:

    • The first necessary step in proper maintenance is to ensure you follow safety rules, which requires total focus when working on a letter

    • Secure a ladder to provide easy access to your gutter system

    • Using gloves, clean away any needles, seeds, sticks, leaves or other debris trapped inside the gutter, with your gloved hand or small trowel

    • Remove or scoop away all of the thick gooey organic material that has built up at the bottom of the gutter through the rainy season

    • Remove any trapped debris caught in the downspout

    • Once the downspout is cleared, run a hose full blast to ensure proper drainage

    • Flush away all of the residual debris along the bottom of the interior of the gutter system

    • Look along the gutter tracks to check for low spots that might trap water and, if found, repair the system

    • Be sure the overall slope for the proper drainage is set at 1” drop for every 20 horizontal feet the gutter runs

Once the entire gutter system is clean, be sure to repair any proper drainage problems and fix any leaks in the system using silicone sealers. If you find any rust holes or significantly damaged components, it is most likely time to install a new system. Replacing your gutters with a new system will ensure they function properly during the rainy season.



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