Prevent Mold and Mildew in Your Home This Winter

For many homeowners mold and mildew can be a continuous challenge in need of constant attention to prevent it from growing and spreading. It is crucial to control or eliminate mildew and mold especially when it appears in the attic, basement, kitchen and bathroom areas. These areas of the home serve as the perfect breeding ground for harmful growth of fungus. roof_men

Effective Treatment Steps

Left unabated, the mildew and mold can easily take over walls, fabric and furniture and cause harmful ailments and allergies for family members and guests. There are essential steps that can be taken to prevent and even eliminate mildew and mold in your home that include:

Routine Inspection – It is imperative to do a routine check for mildew and mold especially during seasonal times of the year with excessive rain or melting snow. Inspect every room, basement and attic routinely checking for signs of mildew and mold, leaks and the buildup of moisture.

Repair Damage – Any leaky window or cracks need to be repaired. Leaking problems are often exacerbated by poor ventilation from exhaust fans, dehumidifiers and air conditioners. All leaking and damage roofs should be quickly repaired by a licensed, professional contractor.

Vacuum Away Mold – Using a HEPA vacuum cleaner carefully suck up mold and mildew using a brush attachment or a stiff brush to eliminate most, if not all, of the growth. Be sure to wear a respirator or mask to avoid breathing in airborne particulates.

Treat Affected Surfaces – Using a solution of ¼ cup chlorine bleach into 1 gallon of water, treat affected surfaces and dry the area completely.

Paint Affected Areas – Using mold-resistant VOC paints, paint or stain the mold or mildew affected floors and walls.

Air Out Fabrics – Expose all upholstery, furniture and furnishings affected by mold and mildew to the sun, whenever possible.

Treat Affected Fabrics – Using laundry bleach and hot water, wash stained and affected fabrics by carefully following the washing instruction for every specific item.

Eliminate the Musty Smell

Remember that a musty smell is often a sure indicator of the presence of mildew or mold. It is critical to check every nook and cranny while inspecting for watermarks or leaks. Many indicators are not easily detectable. Routinely wash floor mats and rags that regularly get wet. Pull up any carpeting that has a tendency to become soaked, wet or moist, and always a wear protective respirator or mask when scrubbing or vacuuming mold and mildew off a surface.

Whenever you know you have mold and mildew problems, it is critical to keep the home well ventilated. Any damaged area of the roof should be immediately repaired by a licensed roofing professional, to eliminate additional problems.


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