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Protect Your Roof during Hurricane Season!

Baton down the hatches! The 2020 hurricane season officially starts today, June 1, and has leading experts predicting above-normal probability for major hurricanes and storms making landfall in the U.S. Meteorologists from Colorado State University, one of the nation’s top hurricane forecasters, predicts 16 tropical storms will form, of which eight will become hurricanes. In an average season, 12 tropical storms, six of which are hurricanes, are typical.

The dire predictions compound potential issues for homeowners already stressed and sheltering in place due to the coronavirus pandemic. Experts are urging homeowners to proactively line-up defenses and be ready for heightened storm activity, before the home improvement center and retailer rush that occurs when hurricane and tropical storm forecasts threaten regionally.

It’s also wise to prioritize home improvement projects now that will strengthen and better protect your home over the long run. Choosing stronger materials, making sure projects meet or exceed codes and standards, and investing in improvements designed to maximize performance and reliability can improve the chances of riding out storms unscathed. Also, once major storm activity hits, the demand for contractor services for repairs and replacements spikes, so being proactive early and taking preventative action now may prevent major headaches and long delay times down the line.

Case in point is the roofing industry. Spring is already a popular time for re-roofing projects and experts say for hurricane-prone areas, working closely together with your contractor to select the most resilient options possible to best fortify your roof is a smart move. That includes choosing materials like metal roofing that can better withstand hail, driving rain and extreme winds including F-2 tornado force winds of up to 140 mph. Since roofs take the brunt of monster storms, an investment in a higher quality roof can help save homes from sustaining major damage and will hold up better over time.

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Other measures to take well in advance of the hurricane season:

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