Raining During Roof Replacement? What Can You Do?

Raining During Roof Replacement? What Can You Do?

You’re excited about your upcoming roof replacement, but after hearing the weather forecast, your joy is beginning to diminish. Rain is in the forecast. What does this mean for your project? Unfortunately, it puts a real hamper on it.

Risks of Roofing in the Rain

Although some roofing projects can be tackled in a day, most total replacements and some other projects can require several days to complete. It’s invariably best practice to hold off on major roofing jobs until conditioners are not only clear, but also until the forecast shows that they’ll remain that way for the entire project.

A major concern with roofing in the rain is the danger to the roofers working on your home. Roofs are already slick; factor in water and the likelihood of someone becoming seriously injured increases exponentially. Luckily, most roofers won’t even examine a roof for repairs when it’s raining, so even the most impatient homeowner would be hard-pressed to find a roofer willing to work on a roof in the rain.

But safety is not the only reason that roofing and rain is a bad mix. Installing shingles on a wet surface is not a good idea, and a wet install can lead to early roof failure, since shingles tend to stick poorly to anything other than dry surfaces. If the wood or sheathing on your roof is wet during the install, moisture can become trapped inside, opening the door to mildew, mold, and rot, none of which you want to see happen.

Moreover, the inner components of a roof, including felt and OSB board, should not be exposed to water. This can lead to wrinkling and bulging, and it can cause bumps and ripples on your roof’s exterior surface, making your roof not only unattractive, but leading to problems later on down the road. After all, a rippling roof is a sure-fire sign that a roof is on its way to failure.

And finally, you must consider the warranty that comes with most roofing materials. Manufacturers do not warrant the installation, and they set specific guidelines for how materials such as shingles must be installed to keep the warranty intact. If your install falls outside the pre-set manufacturers’ parameters, your warranty can be void and null. Any subsequent repairs would be your responsibility.

What About Unavoidable Roofing on Rainy Days?

Emergency roof repairs are the exception to the rule when it comes to rainy day installs. Sometimes there’s no other way around fixing roof water damage and leaks. In these cases, an emergency roofer may need to make an immediate, yet temporary, repair to keep your home from becoming further damaged.


The Bottom Line

While it’s not fun to wait, when it comes to replacing a roof during inclement weather, your hands (and your roofers’ hands) really are tied. After weeks of planning and perhaps even longer dreaming of your new roof, you’re no doubt annoyed and disappointed. But be patient and try to keep frustration at bay until sunny skies prevail.

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