Reasons for Roof Replacement

Falling trees and their branches are grounds to schedule a roof inspection.Understanding when to opt for a new roof is important. Although the climate in northern Florida is generally balmy and beautiful, the area is also prone to tropical storms, especially during the height of tropical season. These storms can cause destructive damage, which is why it is best to keep A.J. Wells Roofing and Construction’s contact information handy. Getting your roof promptly inspected after a tropical storm–or any other cause of suspected damage–is the only way to know your roof’s repairability status.

Many of the following damages will call for a roof replacement rather than a repair. If your area has been affected by any of the following heavy damage, contact us at or at (904) 553-0069 as soon as possible.

Fallen trees can cause heavy damage to roofs.Fallen Trees

Debris is one of the most obvious ways roofs can be damaged. If a few branches have been blown onto your roof or if a tree has fallen onto your roof, you need to call a certified roofing contractor to have your roof secured by placing a tarp on the roof and then evaluated right away. Waiting to call could have several additional consequences, not the least of which could be structural damage. Yet other problems could arise with your insurance; some companies have stringent time restrictions and will refuse to pay for your replacement after a certain period of time lapses. Don’t wait, call A.J.Wells Roofing & Construction to inspect your roof and access the damages based on a fallen tree or debris.


Hail can cause serious damage to your roof.Hail events are sporadic in Jacksonville and affect areas with many different types of roofs, therefore,
A.J. Wells must inspect each roof individually, with a little TLC, after a hailstorm. Depending upon the preexisting damage or deterioration of the roof and its composition, the hail could cause pockmarks in the shingles or cause bruising or marring to them. It is important to get your roof inspected immediately after a hail event since hail damage is not always visible to the naked eye and since, because of their random nature, you don’t know when the next hail storm could strike, further damaging your weakened roof.


Schedule an inspection with A.J. Wells if your roof has experienced wind damage.Creased shingles or altogether missing shingles are the most common signs of wind damage. Once a shingle is creased it can become prone to tearing, especially with the frequency of high winds in North Florida. Torn or separated shingles could easily allow leakage into the home, meaning that your home will not only have exterior damage, it will also have interior damage, costing you even more in repairs. Contact A.J. Wells Roofing & Construction if you see any of the signs of wind damage or if you have experienced strong wind gusts in your area. We want to inspect the damage and advise on proper next steps.

All of the above causes are reason for an immediate evaluation. It is also important to keep in mind that if you try to repair your roof yourself without a proper inspection, most insurance providers will not help you pay for your much needed replacement. This could leave you with extensive damage to the roof–and, potentially, the interior–of your home. If your area has been recently affected by a storm or you suspect any of the above listed damages to your roof, don’t hesitate to contact A.J. Wells. Our experienced roofing experts are familiar with homeowners insurance policies and the procedures necessary to get your roof replaced as quickly as possible and to deal with the next steps moving forward with a claim.. Call (904) 553-0069 or visit to schedule your inspection.

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