Reinforced Roofing: Preparing your Home for Tropical Season

If there’s one sure thing about life in the unpredictable Florida climate, it’s that maintaining the integrity of your home is a constant struggle. Although this year’s forecasts predict a relatively mild tropical season, there’s no way to know for sure until it hits. It is, therefore, essential that you prepare your home for storms before the start of the season, and no part of your home is more important than your roof. To get your roof ready, start by:

Understand your Roof and its Warranty

Read your roof’s construction and warranty. By first understanding how your roof was constructed is step one to evaluating its current condition and determine if repairs or upgrades are required. It is imperative to understand the terms and conditions of your roof’s warranty to prevent you from making any changes that will void the warranty.

Inspect any Past Damages

Before storm season hits, look for potential problems on your roof. If you find loose or curled shingles, stains on the ceiling inside your home and missing shingles are all signs you may already have some damages on your roof that warrant a thorough roof inspection.

roof damage  Loose Shingles- If your roof shows signs of loose shingles and a storm hits, then your roof is more susceptible to to having shingles break off and exposing the nails. These could all lead to allowing water to enter the home.  

 Missing or damaged Shingles– Missing and damaged shingles are clear signs of roof damage. This also includes loss of granulation due from possibly a hail storm, and if shingles are broken most likely due from a wind storm or event. This should be inspected immediately by a licensed roofing contractor, AJ Wells Roofing Contractor.

 Stains on ceiling inside the home- The most obvious concern with ceiling stains is roof leakage. When a home inspector find a suspicious ceiling stain, they will typically use a moisture meter and determine whether your roof has an active leak or not.

If you find evidence of roof damage, call AJ Wells Roofing Contractor to inspect and fix the damage as soon as possible. Your homeowners policy should cover all storm damages to your roof. Not only is your roof covered, it is covered for “replacement cost.” Contact your insurance provider to know what is covered in your insurance policy.

Use Quality to Repair any Damages

If your home does need repairs, do not skimp on the quality to save some money. Much of the damages in Florida result from hurricanes and tropical storms. And when storms hit here, much of damage is related to water entering the home when roof coverings and exterior sidings are blown off. Because of that, any repairs before storm season must be done properly to insure you have a watertight roofing system. This means your underlayment is installed properly. That you have new flashing details around the chimney and around the roof to wall junctions and any other critical areas around the house.

Find a Local Professional Roofing Contractor

Do your research and identify a reliable and knowledgeable roofing professional to perform the job safely. It’s usually best that all inspections, maintenance and repairs are completed by trained and experienced people. A.J. Wells Roofing Contractors has been repairing and reinforcing roofs for over 40 years, and has the tools and expertise to prepare your home for tropical season. Don’t take a chance on protecting your home. Visit our website today to learn more about securing your roof.

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