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Roof Repair 101

Taking on roof repair in Jacksonville, Florida can be quite an expensive and arduous task. Roofs and chimneys must be maintained in order to keep your home warm and safe. If any damage or leaks are noticed, preemptive steps must be taken to prevent this type of damage. One simple change that can be done is the replacement of your chimney cap. If it is damaged, this can lead to fires, disease, and other wanted situations in your home. Not only do they save you thousands of dollars in repair costs for your chimney, but they also can protect the health of you and your family.

Chimney Caps

Jacksonville roofing chimney cap


Chimney caps are an inexpensive protective covering that fit on your chimney. They are usually made out of stainless steel, copper, or galvanized metals and typically come with a mesh screen. This added protection helps to prevent a variety of problems which include, but are not limited to, sparks that reach the top of your chimney where they can possibly cause a fire and debris which can affect how your fireplace’s venting system functions. If blockages occur in the chimney it can lead to your house being filled with carbon monoxide; a very dangerous gas that can cause death.


Additional issues include:

  • Moisture from rain, sleet, and other elemental sources can cause metal chimney caps to rust and mason caps to deteriorate. This causes further damage when it begins to affect your chimney liner and this is quite an expensive problem to fix. A damaged liner or cap will allow moisture into your home that can cause the fireplace to stink like an old damp cellar and create a breeding ground for spores. It also makes a harmful caustic acid when it mixes with the soot.
  • Uncapped chimneys offer an open invitation to unwanted critters and birds. They can build their homes in your flue during the warm months causing blockages, as well as attract mites who are drawn to the waste of the animals. However, most homeowners don’t notice until the winter when problems in their flue become apparent. If you are lucky, the critters may move when things get too hot but, alternatively, they can also die from the gases. When this happens, the smell from the decaying corpses will turn your house into an odoriferous nightmare.

Besides chimney caps there are other things that affect the stability of your roof. These can include leaks, pooling water and blistering shingles. Thankfully, repairing your roof is fairly easy. Gaining some basic knowledge will help you identify common problems that you might be able to repair yourself. This knowledge will also help you determine when to call a professional roofer. Roofers provide quality craftsmanship and will help you decide on the best options for your home.


Leaks are a problem that shouldn’t be ignored because of the damage it can cause your home. In order to repair leaks, one solution is to cover them with a tarp. It may not be pleasing to the eye, but it is a viable temporary solution to an insidious issue. This will help you until you are able to contact a professional roofing company to find a permanent solution. In the meantime, bricks, big rocks, and other heavy objects can be used to hold the tarp in place.

If your issue is pooling water, a clogged downspout or gutter may be the problem. This issue can be rectified easily by removing leaves and other debris.

Blistering shingles are found on old homes, but this can be prevented by limiting foot traffic on your roof; weight is the most common cause of damaged shingles. Additionally, regular maintenance of your roof is necessary to avoid these types of problems.

Roofing professionals at A.J. Wells can make sure that your chimney is clean and in proper working order. Avoid roof related headaches by employing the services of A.J. Wells Roofing Contractors. We offer our clients a variety of roofing services at competitive prices in the Jacksonville, Florida area. Our services include roof repair, maintenance, installs and more. We offer several discounts to our clients and we also back up our work with a leak-free warranty. We aim to provide you with the best service in the area. Contact us to schedule an appointment for your free estimate today.


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