Roof Safety 101

As a homeowner, it’s important you know and practice proper roof safety. In fact, a recent study provided by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission revealed that about 165,000 Americans require medical treatment for ladder-related injuries every year.

To help prevent injuries, here is a roofing maintenance checklist provided by AJ Wells to ensure you stay safe when ascending and descending from your roof.

Before getting onto your roof, check for overhead electrical lines when carrying your roof to the access point and again when walking on the roof. Also, before walking on the roof, check the roof sheathing from the attic for deterioration.

    • Use a harness. If you have a steeply pitched roof, be sure to wear a harness that is securely tied off to a fall resistant device. To find one, be sure to check your local hardware store or online.

    • Avoid slippery roofs. Avoid getting onto the roof when it is slippery from rain, snow, frost or dew. Wait until the roof is dry should you have to get on it.

    • Keep it clean. Clean your roof of sawdust, wood, shingle particles, or any other type of debris before entering onto the roof.

    • Wear rubber-soled shoes or boots. Rubber soles provide better traction in contrast to leather soled ones. Also, ensure the condition of the boots prior to getting onto a roof. The better condition they are in, the higher the traction of the soles.

The most important aspect to remember during all of this is that it’s recommended to use a licensed, professional roofer for repairs. It is essential that your roof is protected much like any other investment in your home. Repairs must be performed correctly and thoroughly by a licensed professional. At AJ Wells, we ensure all of our roofing technicians complete your roofing repair with accuracy and efficiency.


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