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Roof Replacement from Tree Falling on RoofA big storm is breaking outside as you and your family lounge safely in your home waiting for it to pass. Then, without notice, you hear a small crack, followed by  huge boom – almost like car crashing into your dining room. Your family scrambles and you look up in a panic to find your oak tree embedded into your roof. What now? The water slowly drips into you home and your thoughts began to zoom from one end of your mind to the other.

Who can come out now to fix this? How much is this going to cost? How long is this hole going to be here? Where will my family sleep? Can we salvage the roof? STOP. Take a deep breath and contact the professionals at AJ Wells for roof as a result of tree damage.

How could this have happened?
Fallen trees and branches can cause devastating damage to your home that may require extensive tree damage roof . Mother Nature is as fickle as a five year old trying to decide on a Christmas present. Without more than just a couple days of notice, your Jacksonville, Florida home may be the center of sleet, pouring rain, high winds, and torrential thunderstorms. So what can you do to protect your home before it’s too late? Contact AJ Wells for a free roof inspection. We’ll evaluate the entire area to check for holes or soft spots that may cause an issue should Mother Nature strike.

Additionally, we’ll provide a thorough evaluation on the trees surrounding your Jacksonville, Florida home. We’ll discuss their location and proximity to your home and provide any suggestions about having them removed or trimmed. Branches of trees hanging over your roof can puncture, break and damage your roofing materials, possibly leading to water damage. In addition, the leaves from these trees can clog your gutter system, allowing rainwater to accumulate and cause leaks in your attic or moisture damage to your shingles and other roofing materials.

What should I do first?
The first thing you need to do is check your roof to inspect the extent of your roof damage. Be careful when inspecting your roof as any unforeseen damage on or around the area may result in an accident. Go into your attic and see if rafters are cracked or if your roof sheathing is bowed. Check for punctures in your roof by a branch stub or broken branch. When propelled by wind, a tree branch is strong enough to pierce shingles and/or sheathing to cause serious damage to your roof. If you have water leaking into your home, try to cover the area with a tarp to prevent further, serious interior damage.

Will my homeowner’s cover tree damage?
Although all homeowner’s policies may vary, most often your policy covers some extent of roof replacement in regards to tree damage. Your first step is to contact your homeowner’s company to ensure you’re protected. Despite the outcome, our rates at AJ Wells are ideal for any budget.

To better protect your home and your roof in case of tree damage, contact the team at AJ Wells. We’ll be happy to provide emergency, on-site services at an affordable rate. Your roof is one of the most important investments of your home – don’t let substantial roof damage cost you and your family your savings and your sanity.