Roofing Inspection 101

When you have your roof inspected, you’ll be issued pretty thorough information about the condition of your roof.  You’ll also receive an estimate of how long you can expect your roof to last.  At that time, you can also find out what repairs may be needed, and get a cost estimate.Home_Inspection

As a homeowner, it’s important to thoroughly understand the condition of your roof. When you receive a thorough inspection, you’ll have the facts in front of you: what’s the longevity of your roof? Are there any issues with it currently? What should you be cautious of?

Also, if you’re buying or selling a house, a roof inspection is essential: as a seller, you’ll be required by law to provide potential buyers with information about your roof’s condition.  If you’re interested in buying a new home, a roof inspection can tell you what you can expect.

How does a roofing inspection work?

The roof inspector will climb onto your roof to check for any glaring problems. If there are issues that are present, the inspection will then notify you of the diagnosis. Often, the same inspector can provide you with an estimate of how much it will cost to repair said repairs.  In other words, the sooner you find out about a problem, the easier it will be to solve.

When should I get a roofing inspection?

At AJ Wells, we suggest having your roof inspected twice a year: in the spring and before winter. Or as stated previously, it’s important to getting your roof inspected should you inspect a problem or when you’re selling your home.

To learn more about the importance of roof maintenance, contact our professional roofers today. We’ll be happy to assist you when your roof inspector has detected a problem.



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