Roof Installation in Jacksonville FL

Claims Process

A roof replacement is one of the most important investments you can expend on, and also one of the most daunting. Not only do you need to choose a roofing contractor to perform the labor, but you must also decipher an intimidating amount of paperwork for your insurance company. It is vital to select a company with the experience and dedication necessary to complete work that will shelter your family for long years to come. At A.J. Wells Roofing & Construction, we work with a network of qualified adjusters and attorneys that know how to navigate the system to make sure the claims process is as easy for you as possible.

A.J. Wells Roofing & Construction goes above and beyond what other roofing contractors offer. Our decades of experience ensure our workmanship will withstand the test of time. Furthermore, our commitment to customer service means a pleasant, stress-free experience for you. We can help you make sense of your insurance paperwork so you will know the work has been done to the utmost workmanship and with the best quality materials. All pricing is produced by Xactimate analysis (insurance pricing software).

Most insurance policies do not cover workmanship errors, so it is imperative to select a roofer that can do the job right. If a roofer cuts corners and does not deliver a Grade-A roof, your insurance company may not pay out on future claims. Florida’s often extreme weather necessitates a durable roof built with knowledge of what the structure must endure. The contractors at A.J. Wells Roofing & Construction understand what it takes to create a roof that can stand up to whatever the weather might bring.  A.J. Wells Roofing & Construction has over 40 years of combined experience in helping our customers make choices about durability, pricing, and aesthetic.

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