Roof Tear-Offs in Jacksonville FL

As roofing experts, we can assess and make recommendations about whether to tear off an existing roof or to overlay a new roof over the old one. In some cases, it might make sense to reroof with an overlay, especially if there is minimal water damage to the existing roof and the structure can support the additional weight. However, most customers are reroofing because of age, wear, and damage to the roof. This is when it is best to tear off the existing roof and install an entirely new one.

A roof tear-off is usually in order when one or more of the following signs are present:

  • More than 30-40% of the existing roof is wet.
  • The roof is ponding water and adding drains is not an option.
  • Roofing codes dictate a tear off.
  • The current roof is an overlayment.
  • Mechanical equipment upgrades necessitate rebuilding the roof decking.
  • There are numerous “unknowns” with the current roof.
  • The building type, location, usage, roof access, roof traffic, penetrations, and slope dictate the need for a tear-off.

For each of our roofing projects, we carefully strategize the sequencing, phasing, and coordination of the roofing process to ensure successful, watertight tear-off installations. This strategy includes attentively tracking weather forecasts, working in stages to ensure the least amount of internal exposure, and working strategically to ensure that workers do not walk across finished surfaces.
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