Storm Preparedness in Jacksonville FL

Storm preparedness is a major concern for homeowners in Jacksonville, where severe weather and hurricanes often pose safety threats. To determine if your structure is stormproof, follow these simple steps.

  1. Conduct a full evaluation of your roof.This means that you will need to check for missing or damaged shingles or tiles. If you find damage, have it replaced immediately. Then, look for signs of leaks in your attic and have any problems. Next, inspect all of the seals and flashing. This includes checking around pipe vents, exhaust fans, and the chimney. Also, ensure that the roof is enforced with trusses and secured to the walls of the home by hurricane strapping, which is now mandatory for new construction.
  2. Inspect the entry points to the home.You may have impact-resistant glass in your doors and windows, but you should also consider installing storm shutters or another system that provides an additional layer of protection. If a major storm, such as a hurricane, is imminent, you could also hang plywood over the windows. However, this is not as secure as professionally-installed storm shutters.
  3. Prepare the yard.Anything in the yard, such as debris or furniture, can pose major threats to you and your home in severe weather and high winds. Make sure to keep the lawn free of debris and secure any other loose objects that may damage the home.
  4. Hire a professional roofing contractor to inspect the home.At A.J. Wells, our Jacksonville roofing professionals will inspect every facet of the roof, from roof covering to truss braces, tie-downs, boots and seals. We will then make recommendations for ensuring that your home is protected from severe weather. Our inspections are quick and accurate and will give you peace of mind during the next storm.