Wind Damage Jacksonville FL

Protect your roof from wind damage

Your commercial and residential roofs are vulnerable to damaging winds that can ruin the durability of your roof. When your home is exposed to hurricane forces, the roof is the most susceptible to the damage.

We complete the following services to protect your roof before a severe store or hurricane:

  1. Ensure all plywood roof sheathing is installed properly.
  2. Brace roof trusses.
  3. Install hurricane straps.
  4. Identify and loose or damaged components, including siding, soffit, fascia, and shingles.

Wind damage is real and can have a serious effect on your residential or commercial roofs. During a hurricane or torrential storm, wind forces are carried from the roof down to the exterior walls before finally hitting the foundation. Homes can be damaged when wind forces are not properly transferred to the ground.

The professional roofers at AJ Wells understand that roof sheathing especially can be significantly damaged and fail during a hurricane when not properly installed. In order to the lost or damaged sheathing after a storm, there are two things that our professional roofers can do.

  1. If nails are missing from the rafters, we will renail the sheathing.
  2. If your entire roof is being replaced, we’ll ensure the sheathing complies with current practices.

We recommend a few steps that you can take as well to ensure your roof is protected before a storm or hurricane. Most importantly, check for nearby debris that may fall on your roof, like trees or outdoor lawn ornaments.

To learn more ways to protect your home or to schedule a roof damage, contact our roofing technicians today.