Signs of Roof Damage

Numerous factors can cause significant damage to your roof including falling objects, animals and weather, especially heat, cold and wind. The area of the roof that is damaged can easily compromise the home’s structural support and encourage the growth of mildew and mold. By recognizing the signs of your home’s roof damage allows you to repair a minor roof problem long before it becomes something serious requiring major, extensive repairs. Broken_Shingles

Performing an inspection of your home’s roof should be done from the ground using binoculars, if possible. Never walk on a potentially damaged roof because of the risk involved. Only a license, roofing contractor should do that.

Specific Signs to Look For

There are specific signs that you can look for to determine if there is any potential damage to your home’s roof. These signs include:

    • Shingles that are split, curled or blistered

    • Missing or loose tiles or shingles

    • Any loose or broken shingle at the hip or ridge line

    • Any sign of exposed nails

    • Any sign of dark patches (might be an indicator of mold)

    • Gutters that overflow

    • Rusted metal were the roof meets vertical areas of the house

    • Sagging on the roof slope or ridges

    • Blistered roof coating on flat roofs

    • Any depressed area around vent pipes or other roof penetrations

Inspecting the Roof from the Interior

Inspecting the interior of the attic from the inside is a quick and easy solution to determining if there are obvious problems to the structural integrity of the roof. Part of the inspection should include:

    • Obvious signs of leaking

    • Signs of substrate sagging between the rafters

    • Visible outside light penetrating into the attic

    • Signs of wet dark spots on the wood

    • Signs of leaking or water damage including collected condensation

There are many outside forces that can cause damage to your roof including hail, material aging, termites, and rotting shingles. Shingle discoloration, sagging of the substrate, visible buckling and shingles found in the yard are all definite signs of roof damage that require immediate attention.

Depending on the problem, any sign of damage requires instant repair or a new roof installed by a licensed roofing professional. There are times when it will be less expensive to simply reroof the house then to fix the significant damage of an older, outdated roof. Many homeowners living in extreme warm or extreme cold climates note a significant improvement in their heating and cooling bills once a damaged roof has been repaired.


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