Spring Storms Indicative of a More Severe 2016 Hurricane Season?

Roofing professional A.J. Wells evaluates roof damageAs the old saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. But the changing weather patterns may also mean storms could blossom throughout the Jacksonville area for the rest of the year. The 2016 hurricane season has the potential to be very destructive, putting roofs throughout the area at risk for profound damage. A.J. Wells Roofing can help you prepare for the wild, windy season to come.

The Demise of El Niño and the Rise of La Niña

Hurricane developing over the AtlanticForecasters made much of the 2015-2016 El Niño weather phenomenon. It was one of the strongest on record, and rivaled even the remarkable 1997-1998 El Niño season. While El Niño helped protect our area from tropical cyclones while it lasted, it has now begun to die out. Meteorologists expect El Niño will have faded entirely by June, which is when hurricane season begins.

NOAA predictions state there is roughly a 50% chance that weather patterns will transition to La Niña by September. After a strong El Niño season, the transition to La Niña can happen quickly. Because La Niña encourages eastern wins across the warm Atlantic, it can bring a powerful hurricane season to the Florida area.

With these potential dangers on the horizon, it is imperative that you make sure your roof is in prime condition to face the impending storms of tropical season. Hiring a professional to evaluate your roof is the best way to ensure that your roof is can withstand strong winds and rains. Enlist A.J. Wells Roofing to be the professionals to come inspect your roof before storm season arrives.

Stormy Weather on the Horizon

The 2015 hurricane season did not pack the punch of many other, more powerful storm seasons of the past. Should El Niño become La Niña, however, the 2016 season will not be so benign. This could lead to a very active and damaging hurricane season. Several weather services have already published their predictions for the 2016 hurricane season. At least one calls for 14 named storms, which is two more than usual. These anticipated storms include four major hurricanes with three landfalls in the United States.

Though these predictions depend on if and when La Niña comes into play, they are a good reminder that weather patterns all over the globe are changing. As conditions become more severe, the importance of keeping your roof maintained and in its best shape grows.

Your Home and the Hurricane Season

A.J. Wells Roofing inspects roof for storm damageWith a looming threat like La Niña, residents of the North Florida area will definitely want to make sure that their roofs are in prime condition for the incoming tropical season. Roofs with shingles suffering from embrittlement, creasing, or deterioration inflicted from previous or ongoing damage will be the first to affected, especially when severe storms bring unforeseen indirect effects like hail.

Before this potentially devastating storm season begins, consider a professional inspection of your roof. High winds and torrential rains can turn the smallest flaws in the integrity of your roofing into expensive, major repairs. Beginning the season with a roof in top repair can save you money and frustration in the long run. Hiring a professional to inspect your roof is your best bet. There are many different types of damage that may not be detectable by the untrained eye.

Let A.J. Wells Help You Prepare Your Home for Hurricane Season

If you’ve been meaning to have minor damage to your roof repaired, or you’d like a better understanding of the shape your roof is in, call A.J. Wells Roofing at (904) 553-0069 or contact us online for a professional assessment. We have the expertise you need to prepare for the storm season to come. We’ll inspect your roof for free and give you a verbal evaluation of your roof’s condition on the spot (including whether or not your roof has suffered difficult-to-detect wind or hail damage). Visit http://www.roofreplacementservices.com/ today for more information.

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