Staying on top of Roof Problems

Jacksonville roofing maintenanceYour home is your most expensive investment, and your roof is part of your home’s foundation. What happens when your roofing system fails? What signs should you look for if you have roof problems? How can you protect your investment? Your questions deserve answers, and you deserve the best roof repairs Jacksonville Florida companies have to offer.

Don’t take your roof for granted. Roofs provide shelter from the heat, the rain, and the cold. Just as your roof protects you, your job is to protect your roof. A few preventative checks can save your roof from leaks, and other unforeseen damages. Inspect your roof several times per year for signs of wear and tear.

When is the Best Time to Check Your Roof

Following severe storms, high winds, heavy rain, and natural disasters, your roof may show signs of damage. Inspect your roof’s exterior for water marks or possible leaks. If necessary, go to the attic and look around the interior walls for discolored wallpapers, peeling paint, flaking plaster, or stained wood. Any of these signs are true indicators of a damaged roof. Our professional roofers at A.J. Wells Roofing Contractors in Jacksonville can provide an inspection for you if you need help with this.

Following your inspection, you should look for other sure tell signs of roofing damage which include:

  • Blocked gutters. It’s easy for roof gutters to collect leaves, sticks, and other objects. What happens when ice, hail and snow hits the roof and melts? Simple. When these frozen solids melt they have nowhere to go but down. Clear your gutters at least twice per year.
  • Missing or damaged shingles are not hard to miss. High winds will usually blow one or more shingles from the roof, and to the ground. Chances are you will see the missing shingles, before you notice the leaking roof. This is your cue to get on top of the house and inspect the damage for yourself.

Protect Your Investment

Protect your roof with timely inspections. Your roof is part of your home’s foundation. If your foundation is weak, your home loses value. You do not want to lose money. The surest way to protect your investment is to invest in preventative roof maintenance. This is a free service initiated by you. Take charge of your roof, your home and your wallet. It causes you nothing but time to scope out your roof, look for signs of damage, and call for quality roof repairs in Jacksonville.

The help you need is only a phone call away. A leaky roof can lead to other structural damages, if the problem is not taken care of. Your roof provides not only shelter and protection for you, but it protects everything in your home. Your furniture, appliances, curtains, your flooring systems and even your walls depend on the functionality of your roof. When your roof collapses, so does your investment.

Be wise and learn to see the dangers of a bad roof, before it gets out of hand. You can get the best roof repairs Jacksonville Florida roofing companies offer to residential, commercial and industrial customers. Whether your roof is new, outdated or damaged you can still get an up to date roofing system installed, by a professional roofing contractor in Jacksonville. Call A.J. Wells today to schedule your free estimate.


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