Tag-team your Next Fall Roof Inspection with A.J. Wells

aroofers.jpgIf even looking up at your roof triggers a queasy feeling in your stomach, take the hint and keep your feet planted firmly on the ground.

If you’re determined to inspect the condition of your roof, grab a pair of binoculars instead of a tall ladder. There is still plenty you can see from the ground or, even better, from the vantage point of a nearby bedroom window. Leave any suspicious findings for a professional roof inspection conducted by A.J. Wells Roofing Contractors. We can tend to any roof maintenance issues at the same time.

bigstock-Old-roof-with-hail-damage-cha-16442648.jpgRegular roof maintenance could spare you a financial crisis

When you tag-team your next roof inspection with A.J. Wells, you’ll ensure that your roof remains structurally sound and protects you from leaks that could lead to catastrophic damage. By “catastrophic,” we mean both in terms of emotional trauma and financial trauma.

Renovate magazine cites roof repairs and roof replacements as the second most expensive of all types of home repairs – second only to restumping, which means to fortify or replace a wood subfloor Additionally, BankRate, which notes that insurance claims for roof repairs and replacements often soar into five figures, puts it bluntly: “To a home insurance company, the roof is the most important part of your house because it’s the gateway to far greater damage claims once it’s breached.”

Drill down to the costly specifics

Your roof forms the most important part of your home’s “envelope,” which refers to the outer perimeter that also includes the walls, doors and windows. When water causes the “seal” to break open on the roof, four serious consequences can ensue:

  • Widespread interior damage, especially to the walls, ceilings, windows and floors in your home.
  • Considerable damage to your home’s electrical system if water short-circuits it. (In fact, the Renovate list cites rewiring as the third most expensive home repair.)
  • Damage to cabinetry, appliances, furniture, clothing and personal possessions. Water is a particularly fierce aggressor, quickly destroying anything in its path.
  • A potential outgrowth of mildew and mold, as well as health and breathing problems that mold spores can trigger.

Drill down to the costly specifics

With the stakes so high, grab those binoculars and focus your sights on:


  • Zero in on flashings around the chimney, dormer windows, pipes, skylights and any other openings. Flashing, made of aluminum or steel, is weatherproofing that directs the flow of water around these openings and prevents water from seeping into your home.
  • Ensure that flashings are smooth and intact; they should not be curled, cracked, rusted or riddled with holes. If they are, put them on your roof maintenance to-do list for A.J. Wells Roofing Contractors.


  • Keep an eye out for missing or broken shingles as well as buckled, cracked or curled shingles, which should be replaced. Shingles that are covered with moss may be a sign of poor water drainage. You can purchase moss killer at most home improvement stores, but this may be another roof maintenance task you wish to leave to A.J. Wells.
  • Pay particular attention to shingles around rooftop antennas or cables, which are prone to disrepair. They should be structurally sound.
  • Ask A.J. Wells for an estimate if your shingles are more than 15 years old – the projected lifespan of many shingled roofs.


  • Peer inside the gutters and look for an accumulation of shingle granules or grit. This is a sign of shingle deterioration, which also can block the flow of water from the gutter. Hose out this debris or have A.J. Wells do it for you.
  • Consider installing gutter shields to block dirt, leaves, twigs and other debris.
  • Look for standing water. A.J. Wells can adjust the slope of your gutters to ensure proper drainage.


Don’t be surprised to find something on your roof that strikes you as peculiar; this is to be expected for an “envelope” that withstands harsh outdoor elements. Keep your feet planted firmly on the ground and call A.J. Wells Roofing Contractors – the other half of your roof maintenance tag team.

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