Tarp House to Protect Inside Jacksonville FL

When your Jacksonville, Florida, home has been hit by a hail storm or hurricane, it’s important to prevent your home from any more substantial damage. Even after the storm has passed, wind and rain will continue to wreak havoc on whatever’s left of your roof and the exposed interior of your home. For this reason, it’s important to tarp the house to protect the inside until a complete roof can be complete.

Tarps cover the whole of the roof to protect what it is inside: your furniture, your belongings, and your family. The technicians at AJ Wells use lightweight and functional tarps to make assembly simple and fast. The sooner you place the tarp across your roof, the less risk you run of creating more damage across your roof and your property.

The size of the tarp will be wholly dependent on the trouble areas and damage. Before tarping the house, our technicians will complete a detailed inspection to look for broken tiles, lost shingles, as well as indentations and holes in your roof. Afterwards, we’ll be able to further assess the extent of the damage and pick the proper tarp to prevent any further damage.

When one of our qualified roofing technicians tarp your house to protect the inside, we check the whole tarp following the installation to ensure there are no leaks, holes, and gaps in the tarp to make it more difficult to keep your home’s interior protected.

It’s important to tarp the house to protect what’s inside, so contact our roofing technicians in Jacksonville, Florida, today to get started.