Ten Roofing Styles

Traditional can be boring! Learn all about the hottest roofing styles right here, and infuse your home with the personality it deserves! New_Roof

Whether you are designing and building your own home or simply need to replace your existing roof, why not consider a roof shape that deviates from the traditional norm? Once you begin to pay attention, you will notice that there are actually a number of different roofing styles to choose from, and it will not be difficult to locate a professional roofing contractor who can replicate the look you desire.

Here is a look at ten of the most popular roofing styles right now!

    • Mansard Roofs – This roofing style is characterized by four slopes, with two on either side of the home. Lower slopes tend to be more vertical and steeper. This particular French style provides additional living space at the top of the home.

    • Gambrel Roofs – Similar to the Mansard style, the primary difference between the two is that the Gambrel roof features vertical gable ends and the fact that the roof hangs over the façade of the home.

    •  Saltbox Roofs – Featuring an interesting visual aesthetic, this roof features a long, asymmetrical pitch with one shorter side and one longer one. It often results in a home floor plan with stories on one side and one story on the other.

    • Pyramid Roofs – As the name indicates, this roofing style resembles a pyramid. It is generally used on smaller homes.

    • Hip Roofs – This style is similar to pyramid roofs with the exception that, rather than coming to a single point, the four sides meet at a ridge or flat top.

    • Bonnet Roofs – Similar to both pyramid and hip roof styles, the primary difference is that the two slides slope outwards at an angle. The purpose of this design is to cover an outdoor porch or veranda.

    • Flat Roofs – This is one of the easiest roof styles to identify!

    • Cross Gabled Roofs – There are a number of different gable styled rooms to choose from, but the defining characteristic of this style is the fact that each portion of the home has its own triangular gable.

    • Arched Roofs – An arched roof style is generally used only on one portion of the home; however, it adds an interesting aesthetic touch to the architecture of the home.

    • Skillion Roofs – This roof style is represented by a single, sloping surface. It can often be simply thought of as ½ of a triangular roof.

If you think that one of these styles appeals to your personal aesthetic, contact AJ Wells Roofing Contractors today for a free estimate on modifying or replacing your existing roof!


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