Thunderstorms and Microburst Cause Hail Damage Across Jacksonville

1-inch diameter hail on a Jacksonville residents' outdoor furnitureWednesday, June 1st, marked the beginning of tropical season here in Northeast Florida. And to mark the occasion, the Florida skies rained down a series of severe thunderstorms that swept across Jacksonville, leaving many damaged roofs in its wake. This is, perhaps, a fitting start to what many meteorologists forecast will be a particularly strong tropical season.

The storm, which mainly affected Mandarin, Orange Park, and the Westside, boasted gusts of wind up to 60 miles per hour. These gusts of wind left over 2,200 people without power, according to JEA, and downed several trees. Some of the felled trees only blocked roads, while others, unfortunately, struck homes. The lightning accompanying the storms also caused a few small fires. One such fire ignited when lightning struck a garage located on Allspice Circle North. Residents were able to quickly extinguish the fire with a hose. Luckily no injuries have been reported thus far.Hail covers a Westside playground

An isolated microburst near I-295 and 103rd pelted several people’s cars and homes with quarter-sized hail. The coupling of high-speed winds and hail can heavily damage roofs. It is urgent that anyone who was involved in this storm contact a certified roofing contractor, like A.J. Wells Roofing, to schedule an inspection. To the untrained eye, your roof may look fine, but hail and wind can cause serious structural damage to your roof that only a trained professional will be able to catch. These include bruising, marring and impacts to the shingle. Strong wind can cause your shingles to break off.

Trees felled by high-speed wind gusts struck homesThe same goes for anyone who had trees and debris fall onto their roofs. It may just look like a branch is lying harmlessly on your roof, when in actuality the debris and wind have started to chip away at your shingles or flashing, which will only make it more difficult for your roof to protect your family next time gale force winds blow through Jacksonville.

Wind and hail damage can critically undermine the integrity of your roof once you have structural damage occur like a tree falling onto it. If you or someone you know was affected by this storm, call
A.J. Wells Roofing and Contracting at (904) 553-0069 or contact us online. Our expert roofing contractors will have your roof back in prime shape to defend your home before the next storm hits.

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