Top 6 Things to Look for in a Metal Roof

roof installation Jacksonville, FloridaThere is a lot to be said about metal roofing for Jacksonville, FL homes. With metal, your home can have the maximum hail and wind resistance that will last a long time. In many cases, metal material will even add a considerable amount of value to your home. This kind of roof is a great upgrade if your roof is damaged, even if the damage isn’t obvious. When you search for metal in Jacksonville, FL, you need to make certain of a few important things. The following is a list of what you should look for and look out for while you search for the best roofing upgrade.

The Right Kind of Flashing

The right kind of flashing can make a huge difference, particularly with this roof for your Jacksonville, FL installation. While basic sealants can often “do the trick” when temporary roofing materials are used, in the case of a metal material, those types of sealants are inappropriate and will lead to problems down the line. While flashing is important everywhere, certain kinds of roofing structures require special flashing types that only a knowledgeable roofer will know about. Some of the most common types of structures that take a different kind of flashing are skylights, dead valleys, flared out gables and chimneys. It is vital that you and your contractor agree on how the flashing will be handled in order to avoid leaks around these special types of structures.

Effective Ventilation

Many homes benefit greatly from increasing the ventilation in the attic. Not only is better ventilation a good way to keep your home cooler and save money on your cooling costs, but there is also the potential in the winter to avoid damage to your home. You can avoid the danger of ice dams forming, which can moisten your insulation and cause mold and rotting to develop in your home. With proper ventilation you can save money in the short term and in the long term. When you engage a roofing Jacksonville, FL contractor, you can address the ventilation and ensure your home is effectively ventilated.

Valleys That Self-clean

Many roofs have valleys with drainage conduits that allow debris to flow away harmlessly. There is a lot of debris that lands on your roof even if you do not have trees or other obvious sources of debris that can collect on your roof. Ice, snow, pine needles, seed pods and leaves are just the most common types of detritus that can wind up on your roof. However, the type of valley system you have is vitally important to maintaining your roof’s structural integrity. If your roof’s valley systems are “closed” and have hidden waterways for channeling water and debris off of your roof, these channels will eventually get clogged up, blocking the path of water and causing leaks. However, there are self-cleaning valleys that will not clog up, eliminating this problem entirely.

Materials With Premium Certification

When it comes to roofing for your Jacksonville, FL home, using premium quality materials is a must. There is actually a quality certification program in place that was developed by the Metal Construction Association. This certification process recognizes both superior quality materials and the best development processes for those materials. When you use premium certified materials in your metal roof, you can be assured that they will last far longer and be far less likely to suffer from qualitative defects down the line.

The Right Kind of Finish Coatings

Your roof is going to last a long time, and its aesthetic appeal is an important aspect of its overall maintenance. The best kinds of coatings increase your roof’s durability and resistance to fading over time. The smooth surface of a metal roof also gets away from the staining and streaks that tend to accumulate on the surfaces of granulated, shingled roofs.

Effective Warranties

The right kinds of warranties can make a lot of difference down the line. With something as long-lasting as a metal roof, it is important to have warranty coverage. The warranties you receive can be from several sources, including the manufacturers. The most basic warranties are for the materials that go into the materials that will be used in your metal roof and for the products made out of those materials. Further, you also want to be certain that you get a warranty for the workmanship during the installation process from the contractor you use.

The best roofing in Jacksonville, FL is not hard to come by. All you have to do is contact us and we can work with you to add value and peace of mind to your home.


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