Tree Hit Roof Jacksonville FL

Jacksonville Tree Hit RoofNo one wants to hear these words, “There’s a tree on your roof.” The first thing that runs through your mind when you do are: Can the roof be saved? How much is this going to cost? Who do I contact first? Take a breath and contact AJ Wells for roof damage after a tree hit your roof.

What to do first

Before you contact AJ Wells, assess the damage to your roof from a safe distance. Do not attempt to climb the roof, lean upwards toward it, or try to remove any debris yourself. Can you still stay inside the home? Do you see any damp areas that have begun to leak through into your home? Contact AJ Wells with as much information as you can gather for your inspection. After speaking to you, we’ll send a team of bonded, licensed roofing technicians out to your home to tarp the area and safely remove any excessive debris. Our immediate response will allow you to relax and know your home is in good hands with our roofing specialists.

Roof after a tree hit your roof

The process to your roof will wholly depend upon the damage of your roof. However, we are capable of handling any type of restoration, replacement service. No matter what the extent of the damage is, we’ll provide a thorough, quick, and affordable service after a tree hit your roof.

Don’t try this at home

When a tree hits your roof, it’s important to note the seriousness of the matter. Do not attempt to fix the problem yourself. A lot of damage may be unseen if you don’t have the expert eye to know it’s there. Protect your home and your health by leaving the clean up and removal to the professionals at AJ Wells. Contact us today at (904) 553-0069 for more information about tree removal and service.