Tree Fell on House Jacksonville FL

Jacksonville Tree Falls on HouseYou’re resting comfortably on your couch, it’s late at night, and your favorite TV show is on. As you start to drift off to sleep you hear it. It’s a loud crackling noise like someone just took an ax to your eardrum. Before you have a chance to fully awake or even investigate, you feel the house shake. A tree just fell on your roof. It’s the middle of the night, your roof appears to be bent in half, and you’re panicked. After you count your fingers and toes, contact AJ Wells for immediate after a tree fell on your house.

Whether it’s a tree big enough to destroy your home or a limb that broke a few shingles, it’s important to contact AJ Wells right away for immediate service. Even the smallest of trees can leave significant damage on your roof that could allow water and moisture to seep through openings and cause mildew to enter your home.

For tree removal are on the rise. Among the factors causing the increase is the occurrence of stronger, more violet storms. As we’ve seen here in Jacksonville, Florida, thunderstorms and hurricanes are more common thus causing more damage.

File a claim when a trees fall on your home

Regardless of who the tree belongs to you, your home when a tree falls on your home. You should be able to easily file a claim with your company, pay your deductible, and then receive top-of-the-line roof damage by the leaders in the industry. We will happily provide superior roofing work.

With more than 40 years of experience, there’s no one else in Jacksonville, Florida, that can handle your roof damage with more efficiency and more respect for your home.