Using Your Tax Refund For A New Roof

Tax RefundSome of you may be looking forward to receiving your 2014 tax return if you haven’t already. This year, consider using your refund to invest in a new roof. Purchasing a new roof is a task many homeowners try their best to avoid but unfortunately, roofs don’t last forever and it’s a cost you will have to incur at some point during homeownership.

Why Now Is The Time To Buy

Needless to say, a roof is not a cheap investment but it’s a very necessary one which is why it’s wise for you to spend your tax refund on a roof when you have the money at your disposal. Replacing your damaged roof as soon as you are financially able to will help prevent your home from experiencing more costly repairs. If your roof meets any of the following criteria, you need to contact an AJ Wells roofing contractor to come to your home and perform a free inspection.

  • Missing, broken, cracked or loose shingles

  • Damaged flashing

  • Sagging on the roof slope or ridges

  • Any depressed area around vent pipes, other roof penetrations and eve areas

  • Obvious signs of leaking and water damage from the interior of your home

  • Tea colored stains on the sheet rock, drywall or gypsum board

  • An older flat roof

  • Signs of exposed nails

  • Apparent signs of wood damage and rot

  • Lifting and curling of edges of shingles

  • Degranulation

  • Fiber glass showing through shingles

  • Chips on edges of shingles from brittleness

Prepping For Hurricane Season

Living in Florida, we always have to be prepared for a nasty hurricane season although we have been fairly lucky in Jacksonville over the last few years. Even if we do not get directly hit with a hurricane, it’s very likely that we’ll at least get hit with a tropical storm or two. Tropical storms can still bring high speed winds, extensive downpours, and hail which will all take a huge toll on the overall life expectancy of your roof. If you make the investment in a new, structurally sound roof prior to hurricane season, your home will be in a much better position to fend off a storm. In addition, insurance companies are extremely busy during hurricane season so it’s better to file your claim during the off season for a quicker turn around.

What Roofing Options Do I Have?

  • Asphalt Shingle: This type of roofing is the most affordable and the most popular option amongst Jacksonville homeowners. Asphalt shingles offer a variety of designs and colors to choose from.

  • Metal: Metal roofs are well known for their durability. The lifespan of such a roof can exceed over 100 years but this is also the most expensive roofing option available. However, homeowners with metal roofs notice a decrease in their energy bills after installation due to the kynar finishing coating on the roof that deflects UV rays.

Can I Receive a Tax Credit For A New Roof?

If you installed a new roof on your home in 2014 and have yet to do your taxes, there’s a possibility that you may be eligible for a tax credit. If your roof meets the Energy Star guidelines, you could receive a credit of 10% of the expenditures of your new roof exceeding no more than $500. As long as you have saved all your receipts and labels and meet the requirements set by Energy Star, you can apply for the tax credit. As for those that are planning on investing in a new roof in 2015, make sure you remember this potential tax credit when filing your taxes next year.

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