Vinyl Siding Vs. Aluminum Siding

The siding that you choose for your home will be one of the most important decisions that you make considering that this material will provide protection, insulation and presentation for your home. The oldest sidings were made from wood, until aluminum siding proved to be longer lasting. Vinyl, yet an even new form of siding, is now proving to be a very successful competitor. Let’s take a look at these two prominent siding materials to see how they compare. bigstock-Siding-Wall-9479540


The color of aluminum siding is essentially a layer that is baked onto the surface of the aluminum. This means that if the siding is scratched or worn, which will happen over time, a shiny aluminum surface will shine through. Conversely, vinyl siding panels are one solid color, meaning that you do not have to worry about scratches or scuffs. Vinyl siding cannot be painted, while aluminum siding not only can be painted, but most likely will need to be painted every few years. If changing the color of your home is important to you, aluminum may be a good choice.


As it cannot be dented, vinyl siding is the clear winner of the durability test. If the aluminum panels are impacted, a dent can form that cannot be repaired, and the panels will need to be replaced. Vinyl siding tends to last up to 50 years, while aluminum siding generally lasts up to 30 years.


The one draw back to vinyl sidings intense durability is that it is not malleable, meaning that it cannot be bent and shaped to fit around corners. If you choose vinyl siding for your home, the corners will most likely need to be covered by aluminum siding. If your structure has a very uniquely shaped structure that needs flexible siding solutions, vinyl may be a difficult material to work with.


Generally, aluminum and vinyl siding installation are quite similar in price. Vinyl siding is sometimes considered to be the less expensive building material. Cost is typically not a significant determining factor for homeowners.


Over recent years vinyl siding has surged ahead of aluminum siding in popularity. This is largely because it is similar in price or less expensive and it can outlast its aluminum counterpart, and it does not need to be repainted. While each building material has its pros and cons, vinyl siding tends to be pulling ahead of the competition.



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