What are my options if I have a flat roof?

flat roof Jacksonville FloridaIf you want to replace or repair your leaking flat roof, you can choose from multiple Jacksonville roofing materials to get the job done. You need to identify exactly what type of material you have on your roof currently and the cause of the leak to determine whether you need to replace the entire roof or just a part of it. For those who have a flat roof, you need to take a look at the roof itself to check for the leak. Depending on your home, you might be able to look out the window to see the roof. If the leak is in the garage, you might be able to see the boarding underneath as well.

Various types of boarding are available. On average, roofs normally have a tongue and groove decking or chipboard. Other types of material are available, but the aforementioned materials are what you normally find on older flat roofs. Chipboard tends to be the majority, but OSB decking is being used today because it doesn’t swell and soak up the moisture like that of chipboard.

If you plan on climbing onto your roof to take a look, you need to be careful. For those who have chipboard decking and a leaking roof, it tends to be soft between the joists and you could end up falling right through it. When it comes to tongue and groove or some other type of ply, you can normally walk on the material safely. In these instances, you can often remove the roof covering and put another type of roofing system into place atop of the existing boards. Not only is this less messy, but it often causes a minimal amount of disturbance when it comes to replacing the boards. If you are dealing with chipboard, you will normally have to replace it.

Once you have made the decision to purchase a new roof, you need to determine what option is going to work the best for your needs. Some of the top options are outlined below:

New Pitched or Tiled Roof

This option is one that many people like to choose. One of the advantages is that it will transform the look of your property, which is what some people prefer with Jacksonville roofing. When it comes to disadvantages, the cost of this particular roofing is a lot more expensive than having a traditional flat roof replacement. Depending on a number of different factors, you might have to get permission if you are planning to change to a tiled roof.

Felt Roofing

This particular system is well-known. Since this type of roofing is more cost effective and can last for quite some time, it tends to be one of the most popular options for homeowners. You can choose from an array of different colors to match your home. They are often covered with stones or painted to provide protection from the rays of the sun.

Butyl Roofing

Butyl is a common material used on flat roofs. It often has a rubbery appearance and tends to be covered with stones. Stones can end up falling into the gutters and cause blockage in them. One of the biggest problems with this material is that it tends to shrink from being exposed to UV rays in the areas where it isn’t covered. It causes the material to pull from the edges or walls as it shrinks. Even though this material isn’t as popular today as it once was, a lot of roofs have been fitted with it so it tends to be quite common.

PVC Roofing

This material provides a neat finish to your Jacksonville home’s roofing. The seams and flashings will take longer to be installed than some of the other systems. There is a large amount of seams since the material isn’t available in larger rolls. The normal size of the material is one meter wide. All of the seams are hot welded together. This roofing has a nice finish.



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