What Can I Do About Mildew on My Roof?

Florida has the type of humid climate that is conducive to mildew growth. On your roof, mildew can be a real problem.


If your roof gets too much mold and mildew on it, you could end up with serious issues. That mold and mildew can damage the materials that make up your roof, causing leaks and other problems. If those issues are not addressed in a timely fashion, you may find yourself needing an entirely new roof installed.

There are some things you can do to make certain that your roof has as little mold and mildew buildup as possible. You should clean your roof on a monthly or, preferably, bi-weekly basis.

A Simple Solution

You can get a compound called trisodium phosphate at just about any home improvement store. When you mix this with chlorine bleach, it becomes a powerful cleaning compound. Remember that these chemicals can be dangerous, so wear appropriate protective gear and make certain that you mix them outside or in an area with excellent ventilation.

The ratio for the mixture should be as follows:

One cup of trisodium phosphate to every three quarts of water

To finish off the mixture, place the mixture in a container and add another 25 percent of the total volume in bleach. This will provide you with enough strength to kill the mildew.


Use a garden sprayer to apply the mixture to the roof. Do not use a pressure washer to apply the mixture. A regular garden hose will work. A pressure washer may actually cause damage to the roof.

Spray the roof down thoroughly, making certain to soak any trouble spots as much as possible. After you have sprayed down the roof, let the mixture soak in for roughly 5 minutes. Spray off the compound with regular water.

If there are spots that do not clean up, allow them to dry out completely and then repeat the procedure.

If there are spots on your roof that will not clean up, you may have a more serious problem. Roof repair may be a necessity in such cases. A.J. Wells Roofing Contractors provides high quality roof repair and, when necessary, complete replacements for roofs that have sustained too much damage to be serviceable any longer. Remember that mold and mildew are constant problems in the Florida climate, so you should take measures to control them, which will extend the lifetime of your roof and which will ensure that you get all the benefits that come with having a modern, energy-efficient and durable roof installed on your home.



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