What to Consider Before Gutter Replacement

Deciding to make a large home repair, such as replacing your rain gutters, is not a decision you ever want to take lightly. Even though replacing your gutters is a relatively small and inexpensive renovation project, it can make a huge difference when it comes to protecting your home against future needs for major repairs. clogged-gutters-300x225

Before you replace your gutters, you will understandably want to determine if you really need the replacement. It is natural to want to try and get the most out of your existing gutters before you decide to invest in a completely new system. However, there are a few signs that it is time to upgrade:


• Moderate to severe amounts of rust have begun to spread across your gutters
• The gutters have numerous holes, cracks, or other openings
• Many of the gutter fasteners have become loose or broken
• You have seen clear evidence of poor drainage around the foundation or your roof
• There are gaps where the sections of your gutter connects
• Evidence of mold or water stains on the home
• Pools of water on the roof or ground near your home

If you are experiencing any of these problems, you should be considering replacing your gutters sooner rather than latter. If your gutters have aged and weakened to the point that any of these problems are extremely evident, than your home may be in danger of developing damage that will be much more expensive to repair than simply replacing the gutters.

Gutters provide very important protection for your home by diverting water away from your property. There are many great benefits that accompany receiving new professionally installed rain gutters:

• Boost your property value
• Prevent costly foundation problems
• Reduce the risk of developing basement leaks
• Reduce the amount of moisture in the home, which can cause mildew or mold
• Allow for a larger volume of roof runoff, decreasing the occurrence of pooling water

Once you have decided to replace your rain gutters, you then have the option of choosing a new type of rain gutter and type of gutter material. This is a great opportunity to upgrade your rain gutter system to a more durable material and/or a seamless gutter system that will reduce the need for maintenance and increase the longevity of your rain gutters. For assistance choosing the right new rain gutter system for your property, arrange a consultation with a roofing contractor.


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