What Type of Roof Do I Use to Protect My Shingles From Hail Storms?

Hailstorms can ruin shingles. There are options, however, that offer increased durability under the severest conditions. Protect_Your_Home_Wind_Damage

If hail destroyed your shingles, you’re not alone. In fact, among the many different environmental hazards posed to roofs, hailstorms are among the most significant. AJ Wells Roofing Contractors can provide shingles designed to withstand hail, and that may help you if you live in a part of Florida that is prone to getting the worst storms.

Impact Ratings

To survive hailstorms, shingles are constructed of a range of different materials that offer significant modifications to the traditional asphalt shingle. The highest hail rating that a shingle can have is a class IV rating. Where shingles are concerned, this is the most durable type you can buy, but remember that the weather can always get worse than people expect and that, under certain circumstances, any shingle may be destroyed by hail.

Another popular option for dealing with hail damage is using a metal roof. The caveat here is that, when hail is big enough, it can certainly damage a metal roof just as easily as it can damage a roof covered with asphalt shingles. Metal roofs can be dented and otherwise destroyed by hail.


Modified asphalt shingles can help to lessen the damage caused by hail. A company called Dynasty manufactures shingles with class IV impact ratings. The shingles are made out of a nonwoven glass fiber mat and are coated with atactic polypropylene (APP) modified asphalt. This blend of materials provides superior resistance to the damage caused by hailstorms. They’re extremely durable and can last a very long time.

Assessing the Damage

If your roof was damaged by hail, you’ll generally see the damage most prominently on the side of the home where the hail was blowing. You’ll see granule loss and, in some cases, you might see more severe damage. If you do see this type of damage after a storm, you should contact a roofing contractor to have them look at the damage and see what could be done to repair it.

If hailstorms are a frequent problem where you live, you may very well want to hire a contractor to put shingles up with a higher impact resistance. In some cases, you may have to get a bid on a new roof. In other cases, roof repairs may fix the problem entirely.


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