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When is Your Roof Repair an Emergency Situation?

Any necessary repair on your roof is a critical issue. However, deciding when your roof repair is an emergency situation can be determined when the problem could potentially do damage to the interior of your home and all of its belongings. Structural damage of a roof is always an emergency room situation, and so are major leaks that require a permanent repair


The winds from Mother Nature have the ability to rip asphalt shingles completely off the rooftop exposing the plywood substrate underneath. Tree limbs that fall from severe storms can crush a roof structure or tear a hole through your home. Even animals and insects can cause significant damage, often requiring immediate roof repair to stop the potential of massive leaks when it rains.

While it is not always possible to repair a roof during a storm or through continuous rainy weather, competent licensed roofing companies can provide a temporary fix by “tarping” the damaged area on your roof until better weather arrives. Once a tarp has been draped and fastened to your home’s roof, the interior of your house is protected until repairs can be made.

Conditions that call for emergency roof repair include:

    • Damage to the roof caused by hail or rain

    • Improper ventilation that generates ice dam build-up in colder climates

    • Significant damage to the roof caused by strong winds or aging/falling trees

    • Torn or ripped shingles caused by heavy winds

Repairing your roof back to “like new” condition requires the knowledge and skill of a license contractor experienced in dealing with emergency repairs. Competent roofers will offer same-day service guarantees, and arrive at your home as soon as weather conditions permit. They can easily tarp your home to protect your valuables, before starting the process of rebuilding or repairing the damage .

It is imperative to only hire a licensed, bonded and insured contractor that specializes in roof repairs and rebuilds. Having a license will assure you the work is done according to local and state building codes, using the proper roofing materials. The surety bond held by the company offers you peace of mind that the company will do their job professionally. The insurance they provide will cover all of their workers in the event that anyone is hurt on the job while performing your home’s repairs.

While not every damaged roof requires emergency repairs, every leak or damaged area is a critical issue. Putting off making any repairs can cause significant harm to your home, and increase the amount it will cost to fix.


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