Why Cheap Roofing Can Cost You More Money in the Long Run

Cheap Roofing MaterialsIf you are a homeowner in the Jacksonville area, it is likely that at some point, you may want to do a major roof renovation. Living in a capitalist society has its advantages for consumers, forcing companies to compete for business so that people get a fair price. Unfortunately, it also promotes the belief that ‘cheaper is better’ and in most cases, that is simply not true.

Roofing in particular does not fit the “cheaper is better” mentality; rather, it falls directly under “you get what you pay for” category, and when it comes to new roof installation or repair, getting what you pay for could result in big problems if what you paid for is a substandard roof. At A.J. Wells Roofing, we believe that installing high-quality roofing that will stand the test of time is more important than the price.

Your home is very likely your biggest investment and that means that home improvements should add to the value rather than take away from it. Here are some of the problems that come with hiring a roofer with the lowest quote instead of the one who puts quality and reliability above all else.

Delivering Incomplete Work

One of the problems with “lowball” bidding on a project is that the company might not be willing (or even able) to complete the entire project with the price that they are charging you. This can mean that you end up with a roofing job that isn’t complete or multiple back charges or change orders because of the estimator not disclosing the potential stuff they might run into during the roofing project (i.e. flashing replacement, wood damage, rafter damage, etc).

Using Low-Quality Materials

In addition, cheap roofing quotes can result in lower quality materials used – sometimes the lowest quality, in fact. Cheap roofers tend to use the cheapest materials so that they can collect the most profit from your roofing job.

Chimney being replaced due to rusting/deteriorated flashing Cutting Corners

The professional roofers at A.J. Wells Roofing and Construction do the job completely, and don’t compromise on quality to make a quick buck. Cheap roofers, on the other hand, tend to cut corners to increase the profit margin, which can lower your home’s value, cost you thousands of dollars down the road, or even compromise the safety of your family – or anyone else living under that substandard roof.


Many “discount” roofers do not take the time to be thorough. Their estimates are based on an incomprehensive checklist, not an intensive inspection. Their checkbox estimates are not likely to catch small details that could eventually turn into large problems if they aren’t found and fixed, leaving the job incomplete and you paying for the ensuing damages.

Constant Repairs

Beware of using the services of “Repair Only” roofers. It may seem like an easy quick fix and a good way to save on money, but typically, in the long run, it is much worse for your home. Sometimes—as in cases of severe damage or of extremely old, fragile roofs—replacing a roof cannot be avoided. Repair Only roofers will simply patch the most damaged spots and ignore smaller, but fundamental, damages to other areas of the roof. This can lead to a never ending cycle of repairs that can really add up, when, instead, you could have just gotten a roof replacement and avoided being stuck with a patchwork, structurally unsound roof. Unlike these repair only roofers that are just seeking to string you along for profit, A.J. Wells Roofing seeks to fix the root of your problems, thus ensuring quality work and that your roof will last the longest.

Poor Roofing Skills

Cheap roofers, as a whole, also tend to be poorly qualified compared to professionals, and they simply don’t have the skills that it takes to do the job well. This is partially because they are not as committed to quality and maintaining their reputation as professional roofers, and partially because they have never bothered to learn the right way of doing things.  

No Certification

Another important part of looking for a quality roofer is checking credentials. Many cheap roofers do not have the necessary credentials, or, perhaps, only have the bare minimum. But is that what you want for your home (a.k.a. your largest investment): someone who is only willing to do the bare minimum amount of work? An important aspect of being a certified general contractor is understanding the ins and outs of insurance. Building codes and ethical standards can lead you to having to pay much more. Furthermore, if you are replacing a roof for wind or hail damage, you need to deal with A.J. Wells Roofing who are experts in the insurance policies to get your roof done the right way.

No Customer Service, Warranties or Guarantees

Finally, cheap roofers may not offer a warranty or guarantee after the sale, or even if they do offer it, they might not honor it. In fact, they may not offer any customer service after the sale at all, because a roofer that is developing a reputation for poor quality work will most likely not be in business very long. In some cases, roofing companies will close down and reopen under a different name, in another city, or outside of the state of Florida altogether, as a tactic to avoid honoring warranties.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that if you want roofing that will cost you the least, you shouldn’t go with the lowest bid you get. You should opt for the roofer that will give you the most value for your money, including: high-quality materials, the right skills and certification, a warranty and reputation that they can actually back up, and a passion for customer satisfaction. Cheap roofing only costs less initially. Over many years, cheap roofing will just become more troublesome and more expensive. 
A.J. Wells goes above and beyond when it comes to quality and we have the certifications to prove it. A.J. Wells is not only a certified roofing contractor, certified general contractor, and Master Shingler, but also a platinum preferred contractor with Owens Corning. Call us at (904) 553-0069 or visit www.AJWellsRoofing.com today so we can demonstrate how real quality roofers’ expertise can benefit your roof, your home, and your family.

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