Why Does My Roof Leak?

bigstock-Leaky-Ceiling-2455779What causes your roof to leak? How do you know if it is a minor or serious problem? 

Why is my roof leaking? This is one of the most common questions that roofing contractors hear. A leaky roof can actually be attributed to any one of a number of different reasons. The question cannot be answered with certainty until the roof has been inspected by a qualified professional. The right professional roofing contractor should offer a free inspection of your roof before offering a quote on the price of repairs.

Many homeowners automatically assume that their leaky roof is due to an existing issue with the shingles, but the drips could be caused by a number of different things. For example, a leak could be traced back to shoddy workmanship, and there is almost always a flashing issue involved. Flashings are defined as transitional materials used in roofing that adhere asphalt shingles to items that might be poking through the roof, like chimneys or ventilation fans.

If you live in Jacksonville or the North Florida community, then AJ Wells Roofing Contractors are the professionals you want hire to find out exactly why your roof is leaking! Their specialty lies in residential homes, and they place a considerable amount of pride in the fact that their extensive insurance coverage goes well above and beyond the minimums required by the state of Florida. Just some of the services that AJ Wells offers include roof inspections, leak repair, rotten wood replacement, tree damage repair, and waterproofing & sealing.

Once they have conducted a thorough investigation and inspection of your roof, AJ Wells will advise you on any potential problems, areas of concern, and the appropriate course of action to take. Your initial consultation, roofing inspection, and estimate are 100% free. When it comes to determining why your roof leaks, AJ Wells goes above and beyond the call of duty.

What sets these roofing contractors apart from their competition is the fact that they do not require any initial upfront payments from their clients. Yes, you did read that statement correctly. Your 100% satisfaction is their #1 priority, and you do not pay for the work performed until you have inspected and approved it yourself. This business practice is unheard of in the modern roofing industry.

If you discover that your roof is leaking, don’t take any chances. Don’t compromise the integrity of your roof or make an existing problem worse by hiring a subpar contractor. Pick up the phone and call the right professionals today!


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