Why Homeowners Should Be Wary Of Waived Deductibles

aroofers.jpgWhen homeowners receive their insurance claim for a new roof, their first instinct is to compare quotes from as many contractors they can. They are typically under the impression that if they choose the least expensive quote, they can pocket the rest of their claim and get out of paying a deductible; however, this is an incredibly false narrative that can lead to many issues coming back to bite them. Furthermore, this is manipulation of the insurance process, which will result in insurance fraud.

AJ Wells’ Method

When AJ Wells Roofing Contractors provides roof estimates to homeowners, we always ask to see the insurance settlement information. Naturally, this upsets some homeowners who feel that a contractor should be able to provide a competitive quote without prior knowledge of the insurance settlement.

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What these homeowners fail to realize is that asking to see the insurance claim prior to giving an estimate is not so we can bump our price up arbitrarily. This is so we can be fully aware of the scopes of work it will take to properly replace the roof.

Why We Don’t Cut Corners

When a contractor waives the deductible for a homeowner, they are often only able to do so by invoicing the homeowner’s insurance company the full amount for repairs, including the deductible. Therefore, they are providing inaccurate information to the insurance company, which is a breach in the contract between the homeowner and their provider.

While it can be tempting for companies to waive deductibles and offer estimates lower than their competitors in order to clinch a deal, the repercussions for getting caught are extremely detrimental to a business. We’ve seen first-hand some other Northeast Florida contractors get their practices suspended for illegal relief of insurance deductibles related to customer contracts. Not only will the contract be terminated upon getting caught, but the company could also face felony charges and heavy fines.  

What Can Happen if You Choose The Wrong Contractor

017.jpgSo- let’s say a homeowner decides to go with the cheapest contractor. If the insurance company finds out the homeowner didn’t pay their deductible on the backend, the homeowner will receive a hefty fine as well. The contractor is not only showing signs of poor ethics and illegitimate business practices by agreeing to provide false information to the insurance company, but they are most likely compromising the integrity of their work by using cheaper labor and materials to complete the project. By signing contracts with companies like this, you are jeopardizing your biggest investment; your home. All insurance policies will not cover workmanship errors. They will say it is now too late and the homeowner should have done more research to pick a roofing contractor that covered all scopes of work.

A new roof is a huge undertaking you don’t want to skimp on. A quality, ethical, and reputable contractor, such as AJ Wells Roofing Contractor, is well-worth spending the proper amount of money on. Choosing the “cheap guys” is simply a disaster waiting to happen. We are contractors specializing in Insurance Restoration. Contact AJ Wells Roofing Contractor today for a free evaluation and learn more about the roof replacement process. We assure you it pays off to do things the right way.

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