Winter Roofing Issues: What You Need to Know

Protect_Your_HomeDepending upon where you live, winter may bring with it some serious roofing issues. Even though you may live in a warm area, you may find that a freak cold front could damage your roof in ways you never anticipated. If you live in an area where the weather is warm enough that it rarely snows or never snows, you may still be dealing with a lot more rain than usual, and that brings problems, as well.

Cold Weather

In cold weather areas, ice dams are notorious for destroying roofs. These occur when ice builds up on the roof and will not go away. Some people try to knock the ice free using shovels, picks and other tools. The problem with doing this is that it oftentimes ends up damaging the roof below. The damage done is sometimes so bad that a complete tear-off may be required.


This issue can strike anywhere. Even in warmer areas, it can be a big problem at night. When warm air meets a colder surface, condensation forms. The air that causes the problem oftentimes comes right from your home. If you have a heater going and the cold air contacts your roof, condensation can form on the deck and underside of your roof. It can do a lot of damage if it’s not addressed. Some homes tend to have more problems with this than others do. The type of ceiling you have, for instance, may mean that condensation is a more significant problem for you than it is for most other homes.

Leaks in Flashing

The flashing on roofs can be particularly prone to leaking. Whether or not the weather is cold, any moisture that condenses on the roof or that accumulates due to rain may end up coming through and ruining your ceiling. Having the flashing repaired is the best way to address this issue and having it done soon may save you a lot of money.

Don’t Delay!

A.J. Wells Roofing Contractors can make sure that your roof is ready for the winter and that any winter issues that may pop up are taken care of right away. If you need new shingles, an emergency repair performed, or need to know how to avoid these problems, be sure to give us a call. We help anyone in the state of Florida and are based in Jacksonville.



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